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Earlier today I was thinking about the film franchise ‘Star wars’ and how it tied in with on the one hand the great oral and wriitten epic tradition in literature, and modern day marketing on the other.

I have these weird conversations with myself sometimes and at the outset it must be a little obscure to most people reading what the hell I am thinking about. However I do know where this is going.

Star Wars is fairly clearly laid out in quite simple terms as a battle between good and evil. If you are ever confused about the intentions of Darth Vader, the Dark side and the Emperor, I suggest yoou acquaint yourself with a book about mid twentieth century Europe and look at the rise of Mussolini and more spectacularly Hitler. They even wore the uniforms and trappings of darkness.

The battle for the light side and the rebellion against the Dark side led by Luke Skywalker and the Jedi is a similar crusade against darkness. One which takes a supreme effort to ensure the world does not fall for ever to the dark Lord,the Emperor Sith. And of course those who help the Jedi along the way are of a different nature to the robotic depersonalised dark side forces. For instance the bear like creatures on Alderon.

One can find characteristics which permeate right through the Star wars films and way beyond that or in real life,such as in the example above of the Axis leaders Hitler and Mussolini. Robotic and depersonalised were the very essence of the the 3rd Reich personnel, controlled as they were by the Dark Lord Hitler.

Now this story is little different except in presentation to the great epics of the past, tales of struggles between good and evil as found throughout the epic tradition.

The first of these was notably Homer, who told of the story Helen of Troy and the Greek expedition to Troy to get her back. If you are familiar with the stories of the Iliad and the Odyssey you will be aware of the machinations and manipulations of the Gods above and the playing out of the various schemata of Fate and Fortune.

In the end Troy is sacked and the Greeks, one Trojan Horse later, go home honour settled. But there are twists in the tale which play out in quite stark fashion against the backdrop of the religious ideal of the day. In fact though Helen’s abduction has been avenged ultimately most of the major Greek warriors end up with sticky fates for one reason or another, leading to an orgy of divine interventions and cycles of hybris and nemesis. Agamemnon the leader of the Greeks had the dubious welcome of getting knifed by his wife as soon as he hit the home shore of Mycenae, leading to a banquet of dodgey internecine killings and divine retributions.

Believe me ,if you had lived in ancient Greece the tellings of these tales of the Trojan war and the Return of Odysseus would have been every bit as compelling as the Star Wars franchise. And just as light triumphs over the dark side in the end for Luke Skywalker so do the immutable spiritual laws of Ancient Greece triumph over their transgression. And of course the Greek heroes are simply the instruments through whom the laws of Justice and Honour  are played out. The gods as ever behave like puppet masters for their own pleasure.

Now this epic tradition moved on from Greece through the ages via Vergil, Dante and Milton who each came up with their own variant,each emphasising different parts of the overall.

Now at this point you might be wondering what has this got to do with marketing and the online entrepreneurial game.

Well as I said I was just musing over things this morning and now to put it all into its context, this relates to something I heard the inimitable Russell Brunson talk about earlier in the year when he was discussing enterpreneurship.

We are the little guys up against the corporate giants, who control the system and determine it with their faceless personnel, mass production and robotic campaigns designed to make yoiu want to buy into their darkest  consumerist plans for you. They are the controllers,if you let them.

This is taken from his book ‘Expert Secrets’ on the subject of Funnel Hackers when he is outlining  his manifesto for them. Funnel Hackers are basically his tribe.

‘ A Funnel Hacker is a New breed of Entrepreneur. Smart, leaner,Faster and Free.

Funnel Hackers Wage Guerilla War against the Big Brands and win.

Funnel hackers Start without a Safety net. Venture capitalism is a Four Letter word and Bootstrap is their middle name.

Funnel hackers never go public because their products serve the public not a board of directors.

Funnel hackers never ask permission and are never shackled to Investors.

A Funnel Hacker creates value and  puts ethics before conversions…….

Funnel hackers                                                                                             Define their own destiny.                                                                              Create their own luck,                                                                                                                    Build their own empires,                                                                    Change the world

Funnle hackers Are Motivated Knowing they are JUST one Funnel Away.

I am a Funnel  Hacker.’


You may be clueless about what a Funnel hacker is. In short it is someone who learns how to model other successful funnels in order to match in part the success of funnels which have proved successful.

Of course it is deeper than that but this is really Russell Brunson’s big marketing breakthrough in business success and funnel hacking is the subject of his main medium ticket programme which enables enterpreneurs to reach their business goals without spending an arm and a leg doing so.

Thus it has that quality of winning against the odds against the Evil empire. In a big way. The associated programme,Click funnels allows one to build reasonable sales funnels for a fraction of the cost and time it used to cost an entrepreneur to get one built by marketing  software experts.

How does 10 minutes spent for building a basic funnel as opposed to a few weeks and well over $20k sound? Clickfunnels sells at $97 a month. And it is for popular use too.

For online enterpreneurs it is the T model Ford of marketing. In relation to the corporate world it is The Force( and friends of the Lightside) vs the Darkside.

I used this as an example to illustrate a point about us online entrepreneurs and how it is for us. We are like the intrepid resistance fighters who go out there against the odds to bring to ordinary people remedies of a variegated nature to facilitate them having smoother better lives.

Whether it is to help them make money more easily to supplement their levels of income in a depressed age, or help them address a health issue or personal problem with better solutions or as easy to find ones anyway as they would get in the outside world. For the most part we are Luke Skywalkers in a world run by the Federation, the Corporate Monster with its robotic encroachments into  our personal lives. I used the example of Russell Brunson’s Funnel Hackers because it so easily crystallises the whole enterpreneurial approach.

I have set our affiliate marketing enterprise in a heroic setting deliberately for we are modern heroes, pushing back the boundaries towards a better tomorrow, fighting for the better distribution of knowledge and happiness. We are online Digital Entrepreneurs!

And in keeping with that spirit I would urge you to look at this free product: https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optinq5avziuq

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Thank you for your attention. Be well.



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