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Hello again,

The days pass and I work on my business everyday; I progress in some small way and yet there is still a long way to go to succeed. I forgot the thing about simplicity as well, and thought of ways to become overanxious and complicate things and thus wear myself out. To be fair to myself, I wish it were more complex, and engaged  my love of complexity, but no. As  I walk into the light I see it is still that 3 step move I have to keep up with. Traffic, Capture, Follow Up! Simple.

Something I did however get clearer more educated on was Facebook Ads so that my next campaign may start to get results. If I set up first a strong cold ads campaign and post then my second campaign- a warm ad campaign should work better. As it is so far I have been running the whole thing as a warm ads campaign. So now I know! In theory anyway. It will still take some setting up to do right. I look forward to when I become successful at this thing because not getting it all to happen for me has become a bore, really! One can only struggle for so long before it turns into sadism against oneself, I think, and no platitude on the planet can offer any palliative.

Where have I reached on my Free plus shipping product? Well I am starting to build the funnel and make enquiries about getting usb sticks cheap from China. Always exciting though not straightforward to doing business in another country. I cannot promise myself the perfect product but it will at least be functional so long as I can get a decent matchup of slides and audio,which is the main sticking point at the moment.

I am not going to blow my own trumpet here because I do  to know how it will go in the future, but in terms of what I’ve done so far, the F+Shipping product has gone okay. There is still some way to goes I cannot say how that will go.

Overall there is an important point to be made about running an online business which is echoed elsewhere. It  is fine working hard,but it is not worth working yourself into the ground over it, or having a nervous breakdown over. You cannot enjoy the rewards of something if you are too done in. Long live sanity!

There is not a great deal to write from this last week on the world of my business. I came across a great quote today: ‘All the money you’ll ever need is hiding behind your true purpose.’ Food for thought in that one! At the time I was planning a deep revamp of my business structure and looking at where I need to make adjustments to please myself and not just others.

I realise this has been a bit rambling and not particular focussed on one point. But life is like that. For the Free + Shipping Product you need if not having great offers is your problem, ‘The Perfect Offer’-go to:






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