The power of the mind….


Hello reader,

I hope you are well and enjoying life wherever you are. Often when I write a blogpost I have had a number of ideas for a post wandering through my mind, vying for attention.Then I come to start to write and… guessed it…my mind has gone blank. Which reminds me, maybe I should have written them down while they were there.

The human mind is far more powerful than any of us could imagine. Certainly it is more powerful than we are led to believe in our education or in our jobs. In fact it is so powerful that you would have great difficulty in conceiving just how.

In this computerised age it seems though we have surrendered the idea of our mental power to the great God,IT. Of course you and I are communicating through a computerised system at each end. And the words are passed between them through electronic cable or wireless technology or on a really old system through telephone lines.

And the computer has so many functions it can perform so as to make one think of it as all knowing ,all capable, in conjunction with the  the internet, anyway.

But in reality every computer in the world working together could not perform the functions required of the human brain to get a person from one side of a road to the other.

The power is within your and my brain, in the mind. What we can conceive and know, we can create.

So if you have the desire to create a functioning business which can become successful, then you like everyone else have the ability to do so. So do I! Which I have to admit is an idea which at times lies on slightly shakey grounds.

Building a business plan which is practical and deliverable is  good place to start. To this end I write blogposts and make videos. But having an overall goal to which I can direct my efforts is really a key component. I suggest you do it for yourself too. Just creating a business and hoping to make a stack is not really a directed plan.

Hell we all want that ultimately.But it’s what money can buy that is the real deal. A beautiful home in a wonderful place, having exotic holiday in luxury locations, buying your parents a better life, helping people less fortunate than yourself,having TIME for pleasure.The list is endless.The money you gert is just a form of energy which you can exchange for something you desire,rather than an end in itself.

It would be like storing up loads of electricity in an energy bank and going to count your stored Kw/hrs every day if you just wanted loads of money as an end in itslef.You could preen your electicity bank joyously while thinking of your stack of Kw/hrs. But really this is supposed to convert into light for lamps and lights,power for commodities like TV, computer etc.

Your mind is going to be the place where your dreams begin and through which’splanning and execution they materialise. And your mind is million times more powerful than you probably imagine right now.There is nothing quite like it.

So don’t be fooled again.Your computer however useful can never do what you can. And stop selling out to the notion that mechanoids are better, morepowerful than you.








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