Hi there, I noticed that it has been some time since I last posted a blog. Time flies and I was happily thinking it had only been a few weeks without activity here.

So what have I been doing? well one of the afflictions of the struggling marketer is that they struggle. The struggle is about getting subscribers to their list and getting those on their list to part with their money. I am in both of those categories and I am still looking to make my first affiliate sale. So why have I not?

I  could say it is the quality of my work. But to be fair I do not think it is quality. My unpaid ads campaigns on videos are fairly isolated. I dutifully make the videos but I exist in a world where some marketers have 50k subscribers,many thousands of views and plenty to show for their work.

There is a theory that it is the person who is just a single step ahead of you who can be the most useful. The guy who drives the fancy sports cars, lives in mansion, made it big a while back. You, if you are struggling are not going to find out too much from him in terms of your next step. You will find the guy who is just ahead of you is more use to you than ‘the great and the mighty’.

Now this is just something I have been told. I do not know for myself, but I do know where I am at and it is low down, even with all of the work I put in. So what is the source of this state of affairs. I am like all of the rest, with good points and bad points.

Maybe I am not a natural marketer. Maybe I have little commercial sense. Maybe I do  not  know what makes a good marketer. But hell I get loads of coaching, I am dedicated to a ‘T’ and work really a whole lot without this taking off. Now I can point to certain things which I have not done. I have not really done a comprehensive backstory about my life. I  say bits and pieces about myself. I have not done very much commenting on other people’s videos or blog sites. That is very time consuming! Also I can spend quite long time watching videos which are good but not special and I really more often than not have zero to say, nothing to comment.

And then there is the fact of my present adspend. Well one of my coaches commented on this to me when I showed him my stats from clicks and options and really said there was little wrong with my optin page,though he gave me a couple of improvements, and I had no real reason to fret about it. Therefore I concluded I have to have more to spend on ads. Simple. I just do not really have too much available at present. So it’s a bit of chicken and egg situation.

My coach also said that getting leads was not a constant thing overall and that it would  to happen in a well ordered rhythm. All good  comments from him.Anyway it put my mind to rest. Yet questions remain unanswered for me. Make no bones about this. I will get there. Just WHEN is the question. And the remedies are reasonably easy to deduce if not address always.

So if you are in a similar position to me I may be of use to you, and you of use to me. Tell me a few things about your experiences marketing. I do have quite a lot debt which needs taking care of. This has to be the vehicle so however slow and imperceptible, the path always has to go upwards and onwards. To not just ‘Higher Profits and Beyond’ but ‘To Profits in the first place’. Or as Alice says at the Madhatters Tea Party, ‘How can I have more tea, when I haven’t had any in the first place?’

Or perhaps it is just subconscious blocks holding me back! Anyway,that’s all for now. Thanks for reading. Do feel free to comment!