Hi there,

I have not written here since early May and in keeping with the flashing by of days which have mostly been sunny, it has been easy to overlook writing this blog because of other things going on, some good ,some bad.

This blog site is basically a journaling one by way of reminder.My teaching blog site is elsewhere at marketingwithmikeram.co.    

I hope that you’ll visit there if you are looking for tips and teaching about affiliate marketing.

So what have I been doing in my business? Well owing to a very necessary to accomplish other task in my life, I have been doing fairly basic stuff only in terms of output though I have been continuing to learn.

I have spent many hours watching videos on youtube in the hope of bringing myself to people’s attention there and maybe answering one or two queries. This is all to do with video marketing strategy. It does seem an awful slow way of doing things though I have learnt plenty and watched material by people who are rather  more advanced than myself, though not always. Neil Patel is voluminous in output, very informed and has the goodness to make short videos which are bite size.

I love his enthusiasm and his ability. Some of its though is beyond my scope so far. There are others and loads of info gets shared, but so far I have not found myself able to answer any questions or make an impression of being helpful.. However I did get my first two subscribers to my channel. I guess my channel needs sprucing up, though I am not sure I can do it the accredited Louis Doughty way entirely.

I think Affiliate Marketing so far is a bit of a bore as it swallows up loads of time and delivers very little. I have done numerous Facebook ads, and run up a certain amount debit on my card. This is a bit disquieting and I wonder how much more I have to put in without getting real results. Two years on this for sod all! This has to be the worst return on anything ever I have tried.

I think I am going to back to product creation and put my energy there more because doing affiliate marketing in the Internet Profits system is a big long waste of time, methinks. It’s a pity. I put in loads of work and the coaches are okay. Glenn Shepherd is very willing to stick with it when one asks a question. One of marketing’s diamonds and good guys!

Knowing the amount I know, I should be maxing it. Seriously. So I am not making a vital connection in one place or more. Is it my presentation? I lack the Neil Patel style of totally conviction and enthusiasm. I lack the touch of Louis Doughty engagement and idiosyncracy. I started out like I would be if I was teaching maths! (Joke) I think maybe I could be a newscaster. (Perish the thought!) I deliver the spiel; with a degree of confidence as I am delivering off the top of my head. One day I should be a wiz at it and have those neural pathways forged deep and properly. And hell knows I may add some urgent engagement to my expression.But I guess I cannot change too much nor should. Personal style can be one’s best strength. So it will still be reading the news I guess. But I do love to sound as if I have authority.

As for my facebook ads,I have done a number of campaigns and got click rates okay but no engagement beyond that! What a bore. My cost per lead is monstrous at present! So though I have good basic knowledge I still do not know the secret sauce which hits the taste buds just right and gets the response of:’Yummeee!!”

What about the products I am trying to sell? Have I lacked a critical faculty on these and just accepted the whole scheme too easily? Well others sell them. Perhaps my understanding is not enough. Eventually I know I will be a self development product designer and seller. So maybe I should try selling other people’s self development products as well.

Internet Profits is a bit self perpetuating in as much as you get onto the course and then make commissions selling their products, which are money related. I’ve done the lessons but sold a big fat zero so far. So I have to ask is this worth it?

A very interesting webinar occurred the other day which inspired me a lot. The front lady of ‘Lady Boss’,Kaelin Poulin, did a webinar selling Russell Brunson products, such as ClickFunnels.This reminded me of my basic orientation in online marketing and made me think I could be where she is without having to look too hard at how to do. Great inspiration leads to great responses I think. Of course she and her husband had the bright idea of following Russell’s Funnel Hack instructions to the letter, just doing what the videos said instead of thinking too much. Wise stuff!

The trouble is that one is always likely to overthink things. Maybe time to turn over a new leaf and follow the instructions better. I hate poverty and debt!

Get my product out there and do one or two of the things people on Youtube suggest I should. Upwards and onwards. And above all get clear about what I am not doing right!

Many coaches and marketers put everything in the court of the aspiring marketer. I am not sure. At university we recognised duff teachers and bad systems. Perhaps it is time to kick over the traces in market and at least call bad systems and coaches out where they exist!