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Last post I compared marketers to beggars outside a restaurant. One has to write the best possible message on one’s piece of cardboard to get any chance of a donation.

So what wins? One has after all to give the would be donor some sort of quid pro quo. Usually some moral/spiritual gain to offset economic outlay! It is slightly different for marketers though.

As a common principle the first major understanding has to be that one addresses any would be subscriber/purchaser’s worst pain point. This is a given. Of course he/she may not know that he/she has a pain point. One has to get this across asap., get them to stop and be notified about something which has relevance to them in terms of PAIN.

Now it is said that a phone call to someone in the middle of the night will more likely be acted upon if it is about something painful to the recipient than about something pleasurable. News about a dear one’s car accident will get someone out of bed and down to the hospital. News of the recipient’s  intended promotion will more likely evoke a response of:’Couldn’t this have waited till morning,Bill?’

Thoughts of what creates pain in someone’s life will more likely keep someone awake at night than thoughts of an impending pleasurable event. Just! Angst, fear, terror work deeper on the psyche than their opposite.

So you have a reader’s attention for a moment because you have quickly grabbed their attention via a pain point. Of course they may not even know this is a pain point. They may simply be suffering from something whose origins they do not understand until you suddenly bring this into their awareness. A good example of this might be summed up thus: you are trying to attract customers to buy your product. You do not know why this is so hard. Then someone of authority points out that the reason for this lies in the Offer you are putting out. It is not so simple as saying it is the product, because it is the whole package as presented which is limiting your success.The Offer.

By this I mean that someone can be aware of a pain point but not have a clue why, so giving them a fresh insight into why they feel as they do on a certain matter and being abler to show them authentically what it is that troubles them is a very valuable piece of information.

From here the solution can be defined. And obviously you can show it to them and not only can you show it to them but in fact you are THE GO-TO GUY to show it to them so that they do not have to waste any further time or energy getting to the point of solving their problem. You are the guy with the real solution to their problems.All other solutions by implication are mere attempts to solve the problem which will not result in their needs being met.

To continue the example. I know that your pain point is in the fact your offer sucks. And I know where I can point you to find the right solution. Dean Holland is CEO of Internet Profits and has put together a free product on a usb stick called ‘The Perfect Offer’, in which he shows you the components required to make your offers perfect for their purpose. Thus I am the guy who can show you where to go to solve your pain point. Just like that! Magic,eh?

So in a nutshell that is how you get to your readers with your information regarding the solution to the pain whose origin they did not know about.

And this is what you have only a limited time in which to show whoever stops at your page/post to read your offer. So you have to know what you are doing!

To obtain the ‘Perfect Offer’ for free-you pay for shipping @ $9.95- please hit this link and indulge your curiosity. Answer the question ‘How do I make my offer better?’ by watching the contents of the usb stick you will receive when you apply.https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optingx65g1dk

Thank you for reading. I hope this has been useful to you.





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