Time travel,anyone?

Hi there again,

Only a couple of days left before the madness can subside and we can all just watch the telly! I remember this time last year and a blog post I wrote then. It was about a question on choices. Given the following conditions would you choose:

a) A Snow White Mirror. Your own solution to your insecurity. You could be told at any time of day that your were the most beautiful of them all.

b) You had 3 wishes all of which would be fulfilled once you wished for things you desired. This can be tricky as you might ask for something silly along the way!

C) You would be given a Time Travel machine if you chose this option. I did not specify for how long or anything.

d) You could have your own Dorian Grey picture! Indulgence in your pet fetishes and the deepest depravities your heart could imagine and still you would retain a youthful innocence in your face.

e) You could choose a Superhero Superpower of your choice. Invisibility for instance.

This may not seem like a blindingly generous choice to you,but to me it seems a fair assortment. Anyway which one would you choose?

I will not reveal my choice. I like a bit of secrecy. But instead of all the above without having to go to any great ,you could have a six figure a year business keeping the wolf from the door and providing great value to customers who need your solutions.

Well that’s a marketing message anyway. At present even more in the realm of fantasy than my 5 choices. One day though,one day!

I think with Time Travel, I have always felt a surge of enthusiasm for the idea of it. It may not even be that hard to make real. Of course it has been pioneered-some time in the future! Yes. In the future people are time travelling.Theoretically. Pres Trump may have destroyed the planet before it was ever possible to invent TT. We do not know. But if the world we know has survived beyond 2030/40 then time travel will have been invented. Which statement says quite a lot about my perception of time-ie the future as already happening. Well scientists have said that parallel universes exist and it is no more unreal to think that time-linear time-in the future- is already taking place. Weird.I am no scientist so I do not fully appreciate all the factors,but I am a philosopher and a thinker so I can create.

Indeed Time Travel always comes up when I am asked to consider my dreams for the future. Now if TT is already happpening somewhere in future time, then could someone come back to this present and reveal this?  Logically,yes. Could scientists disprove this as a possibility. I suspect not. Like the case for alien life forms, the reality of time travel in the future,unless our earth gets destroyed or the religious nuts take over completely, is pretty much proved. I shall continue on that basis. The means we could be shown by someone coming back. Or hit on it ourselves, though true to our lower natures commercial companies would want to take over and make a lot of lucre out of it. Usurers! If only we could get rid of that sort of pointlessness! Unless we use them to our ends.

Imagination surely has played a bigger part in our evolution than many  would claim. Without it we would have got nowhere. Unfortunately some people have turned nightmares into reality too.

But if we follow our dreams enough they may turn into reality!




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