Hi there folks,

I hope you are doing good and getting your deals together. It has been a weird time in the world for a time now,and having rewatched a film called 2012 last evening I am inclined to wonder at what is going on with multiple hurricanes hitting central and north America and the simultaneous earthquake in Mexico.Then there is also socio-political rumblings around the place and I find myself drawn in and desiring to give my own comments. Stuff we should have resolved in the world a while back raises its ugly head again and I wonder why we let it.  Western culture has become too relativistic with the mass spread of post modern thinking – this is the Post Modern Age’s worst fault and leads to some dangerous absurdities such as giving too much space and credence to some very ghastly viewpoints. Somewhere one has to take a stand., and say what is right and what is wrong.

I am told ‘Be yourself’. Really? You honestly wish me to go out and give the full version of me? well don’t say you ain’t warned. Actually I like the quote by Oscar Wilde which says’ Be yourself. It’s the only part available right now.’ Another quote I read told me I could not fail at being me. Most reassuring. Now I’ve studied some social psychology and anthropology so I am a bit wise as to what the human makeup is. I am fascinated by the mind and the social setting of human endeavours, and in marketing there is obviously a degree of room for using this material. I shall go into this in some depth as I progress in life and report it here over time. The use of hypnotic language patterns and NLP techniques is quite common in marketing world.

But the most obvious use of psychological techniques is when you offer something which will have your audience begging to be allowed to buy what you offer and then delivering in full on what you titillated their senses with.

Dog behaviour offers keen insights here. when you give a dog his dinner, you have this preframed creature literally begging to get that plate into position so he can eat-surely the highlight of the day. He will emit longing noises, and saliva will start to run down his jowls until pools form on the floor below his mouth, and he will move around in wrapt anticipation of the event to come-to wit the arrival finally of the bowl of food. He will stick his paw in the air and as soon the bowl gets put on the floor that face is deep into it and demolishing the contents. The point of marketing is to get your potential buyers to where they are the dog!

The pools of saliva are more like a flood. The internal talk is going: please! please! Desire is just that.  And this I see as the end point of marketing. And that is really all one needs to do.

But just imagine if you had got the dog all excited about the food, but then at the last minute had swapped the bowl with his normal food in for a bowl filled with sand ,or stones? What then? Or less offensively, but similarly deceptively a bowl with tangerine segments and lettuce leaves. The dog would probably feel badly treated or worse. To be frank if it went for you in the instance of a bowl with stones in it, then that would be well deserved and good luck getting it to shower you with affection again. In the case of a tangerine and lettuce dinner the dog would simply think you were screwing with it and find itself something from the larder,by force if necessary.

Don’t mess with your pets is the moral of the story, or as importantly for my enterprises -Don’t mess with your customers!! Give what you say you will.

I am into the final week of the ‘Quick Start Challenge’ now. It has been very appropriate to my needs,and has made me realise that deadlines can be salutary. The previous weeks have involved building this blog site, creating a two step Optin process in order to get subscribers who can become buyers, and creating an automated machine for delivering emails to my subscribers. This has been putting my ducks in a row in the  right order. I think this had been overwhelming me before, though I do not really know why. Maybe it needed to be set out for me. Anyway now I am in the process of deliberating traffic getting strategies. In my mind I think I will do videos,as I have already done quite a few, and some facebook Ads. I will also read other people’s blogs and look around forums. The awesome thought is that when I have everything in the right order and functioning I may actually get the system to work for me. Hoorah!

Anyway this is the lot for today,so stay cool and be well if you are reading this.




Hi there reader, greetings to you.

The purpose of this blog is to map my journey from zero to hero in a few short stages. I have been working really hard on setting myself up online with a viable business and this represents a further stage in my journey towards what I consider to be justice of a sort.

To be honest I wish to put behind me the years of working for free on getting this show on the road and getting some sort of remuneration which will make me feel I can do it.`

Like most people I do not work on things unless I am fairly certain I can crack it eventually. For instance I do not engage on home renovation projects because I know I am lousy at that sort of stuff and it bores the hell out of me. On the other hand I do enjoy painting so I indulge myself at times.

This though is slightly different because there is so much to learn and carry out in order to get all the ducks in a row. One has to master a number of distinct skills as well as keep oneself going in the face of failures. Certainly much of it is not in my comfort zone.

So why am I doing it? Well my reasons are no different from the usual ones of desiring a better life style, living in a better home and having a bit of surplus money to spend.

I am actually fairly good at keeping myself happy in tough situations so long as I can find things to laugh at and smile about. I do not mind spending long hours on my own working in isolation. And I can take a certain amount of set backs so long as there is the prospect of a way forward and a light at the end of the tunnel.

I suspect many people can relate to this as they try to escape their humdrum existences and do not succeed in hitting the pot of gold straight away.

We are told by those who seem to know: You do not fail when you fall and get up again. You only fail if you do  not try to get up afterwards. Or you only fail when you pull the trigger on yourself.And so on. There are many people offering such advice. I have not failed according to these notions. I do however go through phases of boredom and ennui. And often American psychobabble fails to get to the parts common sense can reach.

In truth though I have spent a fair few hours and a lot of money on various ways of getting myself to the point where I can say I have in part vindicated my desire to do this online money making thing.On the other hand,working so far for no money and no recognition,I have tested out my altruistic reflexes quite hard.Yeah, when it comes to it, I feel a bit of a pushover. I have even bought programmes and then forgotten all about them. Yes the joy of buying things seems to consist entirely in the thrill of pressing the ‘Buy now ‘ button sometimes. Which leaves me at a loss as to how to look nat myself sometimes. However some of my purchases have been quite clever.

This is not my first blog site. I have another one. But this one I am starting as a journal of sorts to chart my progress. I am deliberately writing fairly loosely and without too much planning. Whether I will bore of this,I do not know. I am not a diarist at all. But I do like to write.

I think my first interest online is in personal development and health. I came to it for the second time in my life after rereading a book by Luke Rhinehart-‘The Dice Man’. I throw that out there because it is quite a thought provoking book about living one’s life in a completely different way, and that seemed to result in my getting very interested in Personal Development and Self Improvement stuff.

While throwing a dice for every action in my life would have been slightly too edgey in this regimented controlled existence that is much of C21 Uk, and quite likely resulted in a jail sentence or a long stay in an institution for the insane,expanding further one’s awareness of what is possible was not.

I have never been too concerned with doing the right thing,so being more than I thought I was is always going to be an interesting draw. Exploration of my psyche and maximising my potential seems like a good idea and has become at times an overriding factor.

Now along with other things I have done, actually getting it together to run a business which was concerned with such matters seemed like quite an amusing route to go. Plus I have desired to make some money to have a better life. Eventually I will make some personal developement products myself,if I ever get the hang of my present endeavours enough to fund that.

Now I look back at where I was and can see now it has all got a bit out of control and away from where I was intending to go. In the process of all my exploration and dabbling I have run up quite  a large amount of debt,on credit cards etc, and really would like to succeed and crack this online business thing. And to do this I have had to go quite deeply into what is required in order to sell things.

I suppose I am not always responsible and controlled and the credit card is just a future expenditure,albeit one with interest.  So really at this point in time I do think that progressing forwards is a great idea and getting it right necessary and desirable. Whether I will or not is another matter,because however clear and sincere one’s intentions. reality sometimes has different ideas.

At this point I have spent a few years just trying to crack the marketing side of things and put in a myriad of hours doing courses,following coaches,listening to webinars, implementing methods and paying out dosh,so much dosh for the pleasure. I have wondered whether just to put all of my findings into a book and work from that.Maybe that is for the future. But for now I am doing the’Quick Start Challenge’ in order to fulfil my desires to actually make some progress towards self enrichment and putting stuff out there which I think will make a difference in a positive way to other people’s lives.

Anyway there is too much ‘I’ here. What about ‘You’? If you want to  make a comment in the space designated about your personal experiences, or even to tell me you think I am doing it the wrong way, it would be appreciated by me and probably I would answer, unless you are trolling.

Be well, stay cool and go with the Dharma!





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