Hello again,

I realise that working in Affiliate Marketing requires that fairly often I have to go above and beyond my skill set in order to accomplish another task I realise I have in my way. So I learn to do something else new, i discover a new tool I have to learn,or even a new way of thinking I need to be aware of.

Sometimes it even quite a lot of effort to discover how to do something I need to accomplish or even what needs accomplishing.The journey after all has to go on.

Now I’ve been travelling enough to know that one has to be equal to whatever life throws up,or in this case one’s marketing journey.

I have tightened up on other skills I had before too and whatever the journey requires I am up to. and it’s good to increase one’s range of capability in some way. What yesterday was inconceivable, tomorrow becomes default functioning.

And not only do I have to acquire more resources but I have to become more resourceful, the true all rounder as it were. Often my resourcefulness involves sheer stamina, the resource of just keeping going and being happy to do so. Or being able to look at the journey in new way. I have to survive being swallowed whole by this marketing gig and surviving to tell the tale. In an obvious way it runs me even though I am in charge at all points.

But I am encouraged by the possibility of the prizes which lie ahead. Abundance and wealth beyond what I can lay my hands on now, for sure.The ‘why’ is the important driver in all of this. Were it not I would be better off concentrating for now on painting pictures which is great fun.

I am aware though of my shortcomings as well as the overwhelm I can be prone to if I consider everything I have to do. And above all in order to do well I am informed that I have to simply impress the market. So it goes on,deeper and deeper into the scheme. Okay, so what next?

Haha! Maybe I should get a witchdoctor to help me get subscribers. or learn better language patterns. Of course it is default for me to consider the more complex approaches, being as I am a fairly complex being. After all, how many hours a day will this business require me to work  to make headway with some of the tasks if I am to make a success of it?

But if it is 20% of the work which will get me 80% of the results  then where am I losing sleep if I do not bother with certain tasks? I’m not if I know what they are. And maybe it’s only 10% of the work,fully focused of course, which will get me 90% of the results.

I am back to delegation/outsourcing as a solution, maybe the only one. It will have to be on a minimal budget though.

So to move on a couple of notches, you can imagine perhaps my surprise and amazement when in the midst of this morass of complexity and wondering how to organise it all, I listen to the following ideas of marketing giant Frank Kern.


He was talking to a friend of his who was discussing horse riding and telling of how he remembered seeing someone with a $1k saddle trying to ride a $10 horse, and saying there was no way that $10 horse was going to be any use at all no matter what sort of saddle you put on it. A $10 horse is after all just a $10 horse. The fancy saddle was not going to achieve a thing.Except make the person look like a fool. And Frank Kern reckoned that marketing is a lot like horse riding. You gotta get a good horse and that’s really the whole of it.

Now in marketing terms the horse is your offer, the transport from A to B. Now you can have a great appearance, fine copywriting skills, a whole host of gismos and tools, a carefully modulated speaking manner using hypnotic language patterns and no matter what fine courses behind you, a special camera to shoot videos etc, but if your offer is like the $ 10 horse then all that ain’t worth a dime and you will bomb.

Having a good offer is like  having a great horse which knows what to do and obeys your commands. And that is the only thing which will get you what you desire.

He goes on to talk about what constitutes a good offer. The example he uses is of crazy tough mudder entrants doing the long course and testing themselves out to maximum so that they arrive at the end completely exhausted and thirsty. In that state will easliy accept your offer of a wholesome drink for them. All you have to ask is  ‘Are you thirsty? well I have just the thing…!’ Product sold. Your thirst quenching body reviving drink!

Aced it!

For someone like me this is truly a lightbulb moment. I have been told so often to keep it simple, or not to overthink things. And that is really how it is. Or as Jay Abrahams says, ‘The best way to sell a horse is to put up a ‘For sale’ notice!’ Blinding! I am in awe!

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Hello reader,

I hope you are well and enjoying life wherever you are. Often when I write a blogpost I have had a number of ideas for a post wandering through my mind, vying for attention.Then I come to start to write and…..you guessed it…my mind has gone blank. Which reminds me, maybe I should have written them down while they were there.

The human mind is far more powerful than any of us could imagine. Certainly it is more powerful than we are led to believe in our education or in our jobs. In fact it is so powerful that you would have great difficulty in conceiving just how.

In this computerised age it seems though we have surrendered the idea of our mental power to the great God,IT. Of course you and I are communicating through a computerised system at each end. And the words are passed between them through electronic cable or wireless technology or on a really old system through telephone lines.

And the computer has so many functions it can perform so as to make one think of it as all knowing ,all capable, in conjunction with the  the internet, anyway.

But in reality every computer in the world working together could not perform the functions required of the human brain to get a person from one side of a road to the other.

The power is within your and my brain, in the mind. What we can conceive and know, we can create.

So if you have the desire to create a functioning business which can become successful, then you like everyone else have the ability to do so. So do I! Which I have to admit is an idea which at times lies on slightly shakey grounds.

Building a business plan which is practical and deliverable is  good place to start. To this end I write blogposts and make videos. But having an overall goal to which I can direct my efforts is really a key component. I suggest you do it for yourself too. Just creating a business and hoping to make a stack is not really a directed plan.

Hell we all want that ultimately.But it’s what money can buy that is the real deal. A beautiful home in a wonderful place, having exotic holiday in luxury locations, buying your parents a better life, helping people less fortunate than yourself,having TIME for pleasure.The list is endless.The money you gert is just a form of energy which you can exchange for something you desire,rather than an end in itself.

It would be like storing up loads of electricity in an energy bank and going to count your stored Kw/hrs every day if you just wanted loads of money as an end in itslef.You could preen your electicity bank joyously while thinking of your stack of Kw/hrs. But really this is supposed to convert into light for lamps and lights,power for commodities like TV, computer etc.

Your mind is going to be the place where your dreams begin and through which’splanning and execution they materialise. And your mind is million times more powerful than you probably imagine right now.There is nothing quite like it.

So don’t be fooled again.Your computer however useful can never do what you can. And stop selling out to the notion that mechanoids are better, morepowerful than you.








Hi there again,

‘I am fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to go and die in.’ George McGovern.

That was a quote about the American involvement in Vietnam,but it is applicable across a wide range of situations,and all the more so today.

Recently we observed ‘Armistice Day’ in UK,and ‘Veterans Day’ in US. Though I am not sure of the name,this day will have been observed similarly in Australia,New Zealand and Canada, as well as elsewhere.

So that quote of McGovern’s takes on special meaning at this time of year. And always the message has to be that peace is worth fighting for and if that option is out, then above all preserve life and limb as much as possible.

Noone wishes to die in a war. And generally the decision over whether or not a war has to be fought is taken by politicians over a certain age.

But at present there seem to be many politicians who are careless and negligent over maintaining piece. The rise of Nationalism has seen to that. The fragmenting of society and polarisation through the devious ideologies of those who wrap themselves in flags makes for a far less safe world. The value of human life has become less than the value of a piece of cloth or money.

And yet there are enough good people to make sure the worst does not happen. And the good people have to continue to fight to overcome the forces of division and conflict,greed and ignorance.

I may have drifted off marketing message here, or personal biography, but it is worth saying nonetheless. We are born and our lives have intrinsic value. It is up to us to build on that in meaningful and positive ways. To be happy and make our mark in some way.

Now I am doing this marketing bit because I desire to bring something of value into people’s lives. I am aiming to open readers up to the idea that making money online is a viable option for them, particularly through Affiliate Marketing,and for that reason i promote the products of Internet Profits.

I have been using this system for a while to build a business,so that I can sell the products through Funnels created by this company of =which I am a Certified Partner.

I am not going to pretend it is easy. in fact it is pretty hard. But one thing which will make your marketing online experience easier is to have systematised coaching from experts and a structure to how you sell. You get his if you buy from Internet Profits in a way that you do not if just join affiliate programmes from Clickbank.

The principles I am taught though will be applicable across the board of Affiliate Marketing. They include the basics of what you require to start out-like building an Optin form,a Thank You page, and an offer to promote, as well as an Autoresponder to email subscribers and a domain name with hosting.

Now even that might be beyond your knowledge base. I recommend you visit my educational site to find out more. This can be found at https://marketingwithmikeram.co

There you will find a succession of posts/pieces I wrote on the basics of Affiliate marketing.

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I am here to serve in part,to educate you and myself,to tell bits of my story to you and to turn you onto  great products.

My thoughts are with you.Mike.



Hello readers,

Last post I compared marketers to beggars outside a restaurant. One has to write the best possible message on one’s piece of cardboard to get any chance of a donation.

So what wins? One has after all to give the would be donor some sort of quid pro quo. Usually some moral/spiritual gain to offset economic outlay! It is slightly different for marketers though.

As a common principle the first major understanding has to be that one addresses any would be subscriber/purchaser’s worst pain point. This is a given. Of course he/she may not know that he/she has a pain point. One has to get this across asap., get them to stop and be notified about something which has relevance to them in terms of PAIN.

Now it is said that a phone call to someone in the middle of the night will more likely be acted upon if it is about something painful to the recipient than about something pleasurable. News about a dear one’s car accident will get someone out of bed and down to the hospital. News of the recipient’s  intended promotion will more likely evoke a response of:’Couldn’t this have waited till morning,Bill?’

Thoughts of what creates pain in someone’s life will more likely keep someone awake at night than thoughts of an impending pleasurable event. Just! Angst, fear, terror work deeper on the psyche than their opposite.

So you have a reader’s attention for a moment because you have quickly grabbed their attention via a pain point. Of course they may not even know this is a pain point. They may simply be suffering from something whose origins they do not understand until you suddenly bring this into their awareness. A good example of this might be summed up thus: you are trying to attract customers to buy your product. You do not know why this is so hard. Then someone of authority points out that the reason for this lies in the Offer you are putting out. It is not so simple as saying it is the product, because it is the whole package as presented which is limiting your success.The Offer.

By this I mean that someone can be aware of a pain point but not have a clue why, so giving them a fresh insight into why they feel as they do on a certain matter and being abler to show them authentically what it is that troubles them is a very valuable piece of information.

From here the solution can be defined. And obviously you can show it to them and not only can you show it to them but in fact you are THE GO-TO GUY to show it to them so that they do not have to waste any further time or energy getting to the point of solving their problem. You are the guy with the real solution to their problems.All other solutions by implication are mere attempts to solve the problem which will not result in their needs being met.

To continue the example. I know that your pain point is in the fact your offer sucks. And I know where I can point you to find the right solution. Dean Holland is CEO of Internet Profits and has put together a free product on a usb stick called ‘The Perfect Offer’, in which he shows you the components required to make your offers perfect for their purpose. Thus I am the guy who can show you where to go to solve your pain point. Just like that! Magic,eh?

So in a nutshell that is how you get to your readers with your information regarding the solution to the pain whose origin they did not know about.

And this is what you have only a limited time in which to show whoever stops at your page/post to read your offer. So you have to know what you are doing!

To obtain the ‘Perfect Offer’ for free-you pay for shipping @ $9.95- please hit this link and indulge your curiosity. Answer the question ‘How do I make my offer better?’ by watching the contents of the usb stick you will receive when you apply.https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optingx65g1dk

Thank you for reading. I hope this has been useful to you.





Hello again readers,

There comes a time in every marketers’ life when he has to make critical decisions. Today is one such day. Hell I’ve screwed it all up, in my mind, and I am still at a loss as to know what the way through is. I hit these patches more often than I want to and I am left wondering ‘What am I doing wrong?’.I follow the coach’s advice and still don’t get the subscriptions to my email lists.

So I am not yet near enough to the flow of people who surf the net daily looking for solutions to their problems. It is no good just burying my head in my hands and feeling sorry for myself. There  is no agency which will come down and wave a wand. Actually it would freak me out if there was. I just have let more people see my posts,videos and feel inclined to click and see my free offers. Simple enough. Yet so hard to put into practice without a lot of knowhow.

I cannot even hide behind a certain sort of smug self righteousness you see in some marketers’ spiels which are sort of pretend humility. No this is the real deal. The bonfire of the vanities stuff. No where to hide, nowhere to run. Just debt and a not very successful attempt at business plus an awful lot of hours put in. So many hours.

Do I want your sympthy? Probably. Your commiseration? definitely. But above all I want people to come and subscribe to my list and get my emails on offers. There we are. I said it.

The Frank Zappa (I think) song-‘We’re only in it for the money!’ could cut in here. I know I’m not supposed to be. It’s not very Napoleon Hill after all. No. But that song sums it up. ‘We’re only in it for money!’ It’s strong! It’s loud ! And above all it satisfies the cynical soul in me that knows perfectly whatever people are saying,they’re only in it for the  money too! Kapish?

When everything is stripped away in this big old ugly world,it’s rampant materialism which wins, and I don’t care how many sickly sentimental claims of the opposite and false tears, and put up pleasure in other peoples’ achievements I listen to or see, I know that deep down they are counting the money too.

And hell I would like to now too!

The great Bill Hicks said all marketers and advertisers should ‘go home and shoot themselves!’ I kind of agreed with him.Lets face it. It’s about as dishonest a profession as you could find. A bunch of hyped up dissimulating grasping tricksters and frauds. I know too much without having been paid. And above all they have the nerve to pretend to be your friend….when it suits them! I tell you I get some emails,and some of them actually have the nerve to come with gobsh*te like-‘Oh Mike,I -heart- you!’ ‘Hi Mike,this is your future self!’ What presumptuous little a-holes! Wow!

Marketers are like the guy who’s sitting on the pavement outside a restaurant with a cardboard poster saying-‘Homeless-Can you help?’ They are about as popular. After all, is the homeless guy someone you want to meet when you are dolled up with a date and going for an expensive meal? Well obviously the lesson is about shame and guilt and to impress your date you might put some change in the homeless guy’s cash box.

We are about as needy. Actually maybe worse. The homeless guy knows his situation.It’s the cold pavement. He’s depersonalised completely by his situation. Who knows? He may have a PhD,a couple of kids in another city. But he will still get treated like a nobody. He may be tomorrow’s you! Or me! Someone might urinate over him tonight!How’s that for a treat? Real nasty!

Somehow in marketing we have to move from the position of that guy on the pavement and become someone who has authority and good reputation. (This is not my example,but Rich Shefren’s)

It’s a tough call. How to move from A-where we sitting with the begging bowl-to B,where we are looking pretty with a shed load of subscribers all desiring our communications and offers. I’m still on the pavement-metaphorically,because nothing really compares with that sort of horror show IMO- and holding out for loose change. I sort of know what is entailed but I will  not know for sure until I’m off the pavement.

Anyway if you would like a free product then go to:











Hello folks, As I write this it is Halloween day. Here a lot of people get dressed up in fun costumes and have parties. It is all very colourful and as usual there are the usual selection of werewolves,Draculas,Frankensteins, Mummies as well as the odd dead person covered in blood or a zombie.And no doubt a few politicians like Trump will get a good outing!

It’s cool and one should celebrate in some way this level of imagination in our lives. It saves you from dull uniform drabness. In my opinion marketing too should have an element of imagination and fun. Yes we want to get products out there and into peoples’ lives but isn’t it better if we can have some fun doing it.

I have written about being yourself before but it is always worth reminding ourselves about. The Oscar Wilde quote runs thus:’Be yourself. All the other parts are taken’. People often think in this business they have to fall over themselves trying to be like someone else. As though the imitation of another person would be a better deal than the real version of themselves. Seriously it is a waste of time trying. On the other hand it IS a good idea to model things that other successful marketers are doing.

This does not involve aping another marketer, but seeing that if something is working for him, then that might just work for you. Modelling the things successful people do is the very stuff of becoming a success yourself. But one can only ever do it in a personal to oneself way. This is why so many art forgeries fail under detailed scrutinisation. The brush strokes give the forger away.He just cannot hold his brush quite the same as the original artist, however much he tries. So just be yourself and happily so!

To move this a stage further do  not just be yourself but be FULLY yourself. I do not know if you know the film Dead Poets’ Society- a film about a school in which the English teacher, played by the late and often great Robin Williams, in which a group students are taken to a special place to learn esoteric secrets about life. The main point really is to undergo an initiation into the works of Walt Whitman and to understand his view on life,  and learn them fully, but the lesson serves across arts in general. Living life to the full and absolutely is something not be skimped on. ‘Suck the marrow to bone’ is the exhortation to the students.

Expressed another way one might say that conforming to the dull and stultifying norms society seems to reward is no way to enjoy living. ‘Suck the marrow to bone’. Of course in the film tragedy occurs and a student kills himself and the experience is ended as the teacher is sacked, and the dull replaces the exceptional once again, as this is a film and we are meant to accept our dull lives, because they are worthy. In reality this is not the case.  But the lesson is one for eternity. Be ourselves and do it fully. Don’t apologise for it!

As a bit of a poet myself these things are not easily lost on me. I have not always  subscribed to the  dull conventions and norms of the mainstream really, and that is that and I fully intend to ‘suck the marrow from the bone’ and make it count!

So ‘Captain,my Captain…’ thank you for giving me your attention. It is always valuable to me.

Don’t forget there is a Free product I am promoting which is for Dean Holland’s ‘The Perfect Offer.’

You can follow this url and you will find:https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optingx65g1dk






Hello there readers,

I hope all is well with you. The other day I saw this very funny post about a day in the life of an affiliate marketer. It’s a diagram of how a marketer’s mood swings are portrayed. He might go from:’I’m excited’ to ‘Ugh!This is hard.’ to’ IT’S WORKING!’ to ‘I messed  up.’ to ‘Give Up the Good for the great!’ to  ‘ I think I’m going bankrupt.’ to ‘I’m good. I don’t know why I get so down on myself.’ to’ I was wrong. I suck!’ to ‘Wait a second my life is great!’ and so on.

You might recognise yourself in this description. Up and down, every hour different. You might think that one day you’d have a lever on this and not go up and down on the rollercoaster as you became used to it, but sure enough just earlier today I thought: Why bother with all this. You’re never going to get anywhere. It’s so hard; all this time spent and look where you are!

It’s true. Setting up one of these businesses would rank along with one of the harder Labours of Hercules.Such as the Lernean Hydra, who every time you chop off a head it just grows another! Or you might compare it to the eternal punishment of Sysiphus who has to roll a very large stone to the summit of a hill and every time he gets near the top it just rolls down again!

It just seems like a huge task just to get a subscriber! I may actually be a masochist and haven’t fully realised this yet. Months go past and yet I seem only a few yards further down the road.

I do have an idea though of why this is.In truth through all the preamble/preparation and getting educated, my actual practical steps have not been completed.

I did not connect my first blogsite to the outside world enough and thought though it was existing in a bubble it would somehow get noticed,through SEO or something, though I know virtually nothing about that area of marketing.

I did quite a few videos too, which I did not mark properly with working url’s to the next step. Maybe I was cowed by Youtube rules. But I gamely carried on writing and videoing with only a minimum chance of getting spotted. BTW my other blogsite which is educational can be found at https://marketingwithmikeram.co.

I think this enterprise can be a fairly forbidding one. Not for the fainthearted. And starting out it is probably best not to know quite how hard it can be.

I listened to a couple of podcasts yesterday by a marketer called Matt mcWilliams and he said in both the ones I listened to  that it is important to know how and when to ask for help. He pointed out how our educational system taught excessively about the virtue of self reliance,and not enough about relating to others so they could easily be a part of your team.

I think I am probably a prime example of this and so part of my journey ahead will need to examine my options for help. certainly my tech skills are limited,like most marketers.

I have started looking at others’ blogs, doing blog commenting where appropriate. I am told this is a good way to pick up ‘free’ traffic. Getting a message out there seems an essential ingredient to all this so communicating better is something I could spend time on.

Recently I posted a Facebook Ad. Well two to be precise. The test was my first attempt so I cannot be aggrieved by my failure to make too much of an impression. But I will continue as well as go through a course by Justin Brooks I have access to.

Up and down,in and out, that’s my journey for moment. Upwards and onwards is my rallying call for the future. Till the next time BFN.


Hello again,

I wonder what it would look like if  I were to suddenly set out EVERYTHING  I knew about marketing online. What would it look like? How much would it be  a repeat of everyone else’s ‘best of…’ or whatever? How much of what I do put out is just my slant and how much what I have been taught?

You see no matter what someone tells you, it is still understood through one’s own personal filters. Often to the point of an ordinary sentence looking like two differently meant things to two people reading it.

Philosophers have been concerned with such matters deeply through the ages. Is the object you see actually the object you are seeing? And is this object the same as the one which the person standing next to you is seeing?

So when in marketing we are addressing pain points in people and persuading them that we have the answer to their prayers, do we? Or do we just think we do? How far should we go in persuading them that we do, if in fact it is open to question? It is really a matter of communicating clearly to people so that they know what it is we are talking about so that it is possible to adress their problems.And find the correct solutions.

I can market x,y,z to people and maybe they will buy, but what use at all is it if I successfully market a product which though it produces sales, does not do what it claims and eventully lies dormant on someone’s hard drive,not being used. How much use have I been to them then? If I am properly to do my job, then surely I have to be clear that customer satisfaction rates very highly at the top of priorities. And I have to hear what people are saying about what I say.

I cannot control whether or not someone uses a product I sell them ,but I can sure as hell market well enough to ensure that people do buy suitable products which are of value. And I market products created by proper experts,not amateurs.

You’ve probably bought products where the marketing material was so good that you could not wait to buy, but then you bought and then the disappointment set in. The product just did not add up to the marketing.Feels bad,doesn’t it? It seems to me that keeping both the marketing and the product  of a high quality you have your best chance of winning.

So what does what I have been saying here add up to? This. Focus on your target audience more precisely so that they are the intended target so that they can make the most out of what they are persuaded to buy, because they are perfect for that product. In other words sell them stuff that they do want. And to do that the marketing message needs to be all the more precise, and our knowledge of the products we sell more complete. Then those we address may recognise themselves as being those who will benefit properly from purchasing the products.

If you want to make your offers better than they have been then you may well enjoy this FREE product from Dean Holland, a total pro who I listen to a lot and am a partner in his company. He gives you the lowdown on what you need to address to get the required  quality of offer onto the table:


For the price of a couple of coffees for shipping you could learn the necessary steps to your best success yet! Go well and be happy!

Hello again,

I hope this finds you well and thriving. Although my blogposts are mostly about business they are not entirely as there is more to life than business online. A lot. And on this site the posts are more about my personal journey than about the mechanics,which I do extensively go through on my other blog site which is at https://marketingwithmikeram.co and which I hope you’ll look at some time and add comments there.

Anyway last time I was mentioning what I’d learnt from Tony Robbins recently and tying it in with my ideas of going forward feeling more certain. I was saying one can almost feel it in one’s body when one has certainty. So that is a good feeling to cultivate.

However results are quite important at the stage I am at because we all like to see some sign of an impact on our businesses from outside. Okay it is too narrow to limit the definition of a result to simply things going on out there. Every day I work I get some sort of a result as my business progresses in some small way daily. I am always progressing. But in an obvious way not quickly enough. In addition there is a higher level of this informing me and telling me I wish to concentrate most on the concepts of marketing and find another way of getting the small stuff done which is nonetheless important in overall functioning.The idea of being my own CEO starts to make sense even though I have no one yet to delegate to. It feels comfortable.

At present though there is one hell of a lot of stuff I have to get through to put myself out there and capture the interest of people who come across my work.  I also have wider interests which are roughly speaking creative-painting, writing, music. I do not have enough hours in a day. Sooner or later outsourcing,getting a VA will have to come into the reckoning. As ever I have taken on too much. But somewhere along the line I must have thought myself equal to it.

If various writers are to be believed, Tony Robbins is one, Andy Shaw-a very good personal development guy I have been learning off for ages- another,  I would say we only live at 10% of our capability. How can I harness the next 10% or the 10% after that? what would that look like?

I should be able to create the life I desire completely. Why? Because there is more than enough energy and power in my mind to do so. The power in my mind-and in yours for that matter-is some ridiculously large amount. We just do not yet know how to harness it. But creating the life we desire should be exactly within our compasses.

If you’ll excuse my jumping staight to the figues then this how powerful our minds are according to Phil Gosling: The brain’s potential in terms of connections and thought power is 2X10 to the power of 1,000,000. This is a line of 0’s stretching for 9.8 miles.

Now the total number of atoms in the unverse is calculated at  10 to the power of 89.( My keyboard does not have a device for putting numbers in quite right space to denote that fact so I simply use the words to describe the phenomenon.) Anyway just in case you do not think you have the mental resources at your disposal, then think again. The figures here are from Andy Shaw’s excellent ‘Using a Bug Free Mind’. Personally I feel quite at a loss when I actually stop to consider many of these things. But the then again we are weird beings living in a Universe which quite defies description as well as measurement. telescopes may explore the outer Universe,but how will we explore what lies within?

Back to earth for a moment, Dean Holland,CEO of internet profits, is due to appear on stage at the same event as  Tony Robbins for Russell Brunson’s company.(Funnel Hackers Live Event). Dean Holland is a master exponent of the most up to date system of Internet Marketing and his work can be sampled by following this url to his Free Product:.THE PERFECT OFFER

Till the next time, keep well.