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‘I am fed up to the ears with old men dreaming up wars for young men to go and die in.’ George McGovern.

That was a quote about the American involvement in Vietnam,but it is applicable across a wide range of situations,and all the more so today.

Recently we observed ‘Armistice Day’ in UK,and ‘Veterans Day’ in US. Though I am not sure of the name,this day will have been observed similarly in Australia,New Zealand and Canada, as well as elsewhere.

So that quote of McGovern’s takes on special meaning at this time of year. And always the message has to be that peace is worth fighting for and if that option is out, then above all preserve life and limb as much as possible.

Noone wishes to die in a war. And generally the decision over whether or not a war has to be fought is taken by politicians over a certain age.

But at present there seem to be many politicians who are careless and negligent over maintaining piece. The rise of Nationalism has seen to that. The fragmenting of society and polarisation through the devious ideologies of those who wrap themselves in flags makes for a far less safe world. The value of human life has become less than the value of a piece of cloth or money.

And yet there are enough good people to make sure the worst does not happen. And the good people have to continue to fight to overcome the forces of division and conflict,greed and ignorance.

I may have drifted off marketing message here, or personal biography, but it is worth saying nonetheless. We are born and our lives have intrinsic value. It is up to us to build on that in meaningful and positive ways. To be happy and make our mark in some way.

Now I am doing this marketing bit because I desire to bring something of value into people’s lives. I am aiming to open readers up to the idea that making money online is a viable option for them, particularly through Affiliate Marketing,and for that reason i promote the products of Internet Profits.

I have been using this system for a while to build a business,so that I can sell the products through Funnels created by this company of =which I am a Certified Partner.

I am not going to pretend it is easy. in fact it is pretty hard. But one thing which will make your marketing online experience easier is to have systematised coaching from experts and a structure to how you sell. You get his if you buy from Internet Profits in a way that you do not if just join affiliate programmes from Clickbank.

The principles I am taught though will be applicable across the board of Affiliate Marketing. They include the basics of what you require to start out-like building an Optin form,a Thank You page, and an offer to promote, as well as an Autoresponder to email subscribers and a domain name with hosting.

Now even that might be beyond your knowledge base. I recommend you visit my educational site to find out more. This can be found at https://marketingwithmikeram.co

There you will find a succession of posts/pieces I wrote on the basics of Affiliate marketing.

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I am here to serve in part,to educate you and myself,to tell bits of my story to you and to turn you onto  great products.

My thoughts are with you.Mike.



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