Going for the Gold


I hope you guys are all,

This marketer’s journey continues apace with various fixes to my affiliate product marketing funnel taking place. As I  watch a stage presentation from Funnel Hacking live 2018 of people who have just received a 2 comma club award for their attaining $1m in sales through  using ClickFunnels et all I realise that is what I desire more than anything for myself now! ASAP. NO b/s! This does inspire me truly.What my heart is set upon…

Well the journey has been underway for a while and I am getting slowly better at it, but I am further down the line than I think. I already have some product creation under my belt in a different niche form the stuff I sell with Internet Profits. So it’s a matter of coordinating my efforts one hundred plus percent.

Anyway the programme I am promoting the moment is the Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook which is the Free lead into the ‘Ultimate funnel’ which is quite a cool kudos type of thing. The’Ultimate Sales Funnel’ ! I can almost feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with that . Wow! That is some notion for the marketer to take in!

I decided on the advice of Glenn,one of my coaches to insert my own lead magnet to attract people who would then be sent to the Affiliate Marketers Playbook through the emails rather than get to be confronted with a double optin sequence. For obvious reasons, I guess. Opting in twice without a product in between is quite demanding on people’s  credulity. Anyway it has taken time to set up and then tweak around. Still the result has give 23 leads on the warm ad which is an improvement on zero though I am yet to get optins for emailing from it…bummer! I will crack this though! The whole point is having subscribers I can email market to, and promote to, entertain and educate.

Certainly I am quite au fait with the Fb/Ads thing according to the experts so I guess the tipping point is somewhere soon-ie I am doing the deal more or less correctly! I look at this stage of my career as a matter of getting the ducks lined up properly so the main deal happens. Bingo!

This is a place where money is gotten gainfully. And cheerfully. It is real cool and honest. Anyway as I watch the film they are handing out 10 million dollar awards. Kind of  groovy! Well I have to get to one first but ten would be a good place to go after! Total inspiration which is what is intended by this film! Nice work,Russell!

Well upwards and onwards folks. Or as Rich Schefren would say: ‘To higher profits and beyond!’


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