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I hope you are well. Much in the same vein as I took the ‘Quick Start Challenge’ a couple of months ago, I have been doing the ‘Customer Acquisition Bootcamp’ these past few weeks. I am now about half way through. This is basically beta testing a new course being put out by Dean Holland about creating Free plus Shipping offers, and in the process of this I am being shown how to create my first one.

So to start with we were asked to come up with the person who would constitute our ideal customer. This is called an ‘Avatar’. I had two, one of whom I defined in very detailed lines- a University lecturer, looking for additional income to give her and her son a better lifestyle.

The other was for a slightly less defined couple who wanted to escape the lives of ‘quiet desperation’ they are forced to live out in dull dead end work on  middle management salaries, and have more time to actually enjoy being on this earth.

In the following week we had to come up with a number of ideas of what would constitute a good free product which could be shipped as a physical product to someone’s door. So among my ideas was a product which sets out on videos the first steps you must take to begin business in affiliate marketing. This I think is quite a popular idea for a Free plus shipping deal as it gives the basics to taking off.

Indeed I have a number of posts on my educational site exactly about this, and may well use materials from there to construct this product. None of it is rocket science and really it is a case of explaining it in a beginner friendly way, and giving a resource or two with it.

Another idea is for a short course about setting a blog. Again not rocket science but nonetheless very appropriate. I had a couple of ideas in motivational psychology adapted for marketing and personal developement  and  staying healthy while being an entrepreneur, both very interesting fields of study and application. These are all possible ideas for a free plus shipping. One day I would like to try the book idea also but I suspect that is a bit of time away yet. Though I have seen how Frank Kern goes about developing an idea for one and it seems pretty feasible to me.(The guy knows clever shortcuts)

So this week on Customer Acquisition Bootcamp we learnt the steps towards creating the marketing of the Free product which is the most essential part to get good at if one is to actually spread the good word. Having a good product is non-negotiable, but getting the marketing good also is no less important. So I have to create  the marketing material for it over the next couple of days which will be fun. I shall do a short video and sales letter which can be compressed into a good advertisement.

This can be summarised as ‘The Eight Step Formula’. Firstly the ‘Who’. Who am I? Simple enough to answer unless I am in one of those philosophical enquiry modes. Enough said!

So ‘What’ is it I am offering? Well as stated above, in this instance one of the four ideas I put out.I introduce the product in an attractive way.

Thirdly ‘Why’ am I offering this? This is a simple enough question to answer though I cannot take too long about it.Basically this question is about why would someone want this product-ie what pain point am I addressing?

The fourth point of this formula is to state ‘How’ does the subscriber get this product-a very easy straightforward deal whereby the product is a free one but the customer pays for the ‘shipping’.Simple as that.This is where I would get their address and card details so I could deliver the promised product to them asap.

The next step you need to tell them is why you are being so generous.And be honest about it.You want them to buy from you afterwards. Simple. Then you have say why you want them to do it fairly quickly. There are only a limited number there for delivery.

The next detail is to give them a guarantee on the offer. This is optional.But as the price of shipping is as much as couple of coffees it is unlikely to be operated on. And finally you recap what you are giving them, and why it is a dead cert brilliant deal. And that is it.

On the face of it this seems fairly straightforward, but in reality I shall have to do it first. In any casein feels a bit like being let off the leash bit to express my marketing self in a way directed towards getting success which is tangible and measurable. Exciting!

This is what I have been doing of late and moving ahead in my business. And meanwhile the Nobel peace Prize has been awarded to the ‘International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons’. Well done to them. Make Love Not War! We cannot do this sort of business if we have been fried!

For a Free Product already in existence, by Dean Holland, please go to



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