I hope you guys are all,

This marketer’s journey continues apace with various fixes to my affiliate product marketing funnel taking place. As I  watch a stage presentation from Funnel Hacking live 2018 of people who have just received a 2 comma club award for their attaining $1m in sales through  using ClickFunnels et all I realise that is what I desire more than anything for myself now! ASAP. NO b/s! This does inspire me truly.What my heart is set upon…

Well the journey has been underway for a while and I am getting slowly better at it, but I am further down the line than I think. I already have some product creation under my belt in a different niche form the stuff I sell with Internet Profits. So it’s a matter of coordinating my efforts one hundred plus percent.

Anyway the programme I am promoting the moment is the Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook which is the Free lead into the ‘Ultimate funnel’ which is quite a cool kudos type of thing. The’Ultimate Sales Funnel’ ! I can almost feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up with that . Wow! That is some notion for the marketer to take in!

I decided on the advice of Glenn,one of my coaches to insert my own lead magnet to attract people who would then be sent to the Affiliate Marketers Playbook through the emails rather than get to be confronted with a double optin sequence. For obvious reasons, I guess. Opting in twice without a product in between is quite demanding on people’s  credulity. Anyway it has taken time to set up and then tweak around. Still the result has give 23 leads on the warm ad which is an improvement on zero though I am yet to get optins for emailing from it…bummer! I will crack this though! The whole point is having subscribers I can email market to, and promote to, entertain and educate.

Certainly I am quite au fait with the Fb/Ads thing according to the experts so I guess the tipping point is somewhere soon-ie I am doing the deal more or less correctly! I look at this stage of my career as a matter of getting the ducks lined up properly so the main deal happens. Bingo!

This is a place where money is gotten gainfully. And cheerfully. It is real cool and honest. Anyway as I watch the film they are handing out 10 million dollar awards. Kind of  groovy! Well I have to get to one first but ten would be a good place to go after! Total inspiration which is what is intended by this film! Nice work,Russell!

Well upwards and onwards folks. Or as Rich Schefren would say: ‘To higher profits and beyond!’



Hi there again,

In marketing you are never going to stop learning. The process of educating oneself is going to be unending.And really there will always be something you need to find out about everyday. Maybe more than one thing, in the sense of imperative.

It would be possible at any time to sink under the weight of things to be done and to be learnt. In fact just thinking about it could cause health problems with stress related conditions. So how should we deal with it?

Well I was lucky to some extent early on inasmuch as my first mentor,Alex Jeffreys, taught me and everyone else that one’s daily work should consist of one thing really-one’s most important task. One’s MIT. Simple. It stuck with me and to this day I can say I follow this. Doing my most important task is first on the list. Sure there are one or two other things that occur, but really at the end of the day, things which are in the category below most important either ascend to most important or slip out of view.

This takes care of one part of the problem. The other was dealt with by Dean Holland in a video of his recently, talking about the subject of overwhelm. And again he narrowed our true areas of concern to one thing-immersion in one subject at a time. After all, one cannot learn everything at once without have a knowledge chip inserted somewhere in one’s being. Simple. In case you want a knowledge based website then try at: http://www.marketingwithmikeram.co 

It is full of the basic necessary information required..

There are other ways of dealing with overwhelm, which is just to write out all of things one think one has to do then ordering them according to necessity. Again that way one discards some automatically, and for the rest one knocks them off in a logical, unhurried way. that is the theory anyway.But in good faith one cannot do anything six feet under so if in doubt chill out for a bit!

Seriously there are very few things that cannot be left for a while if one is very stressed. These are…..ringing for an ambulance in the case of heart attacker or at least a doctor, or in case of a stroke, getting out of the house in case of a fire, or an armed burglar, or taking the dog for a walk if it says it wants to go out! Otherwise you are the controller! Control at all times.Do not be controlled. But do become an expert in one thing at a time. Like I am doing with Facebook Ads at the moment.Or that is the intention anyway, and as I have a course by Justin Brooks to follow I will get there one day!

For a great Free+Shipping product please go to:https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optinlc74v8vt.       

This link is to the Affiliate Marketers Playbook,the state of the art, hot off the press manual for this year on ‘How to Succeed’.How can you resist? Don’t! That’s a clue.




Hello there, I hope you are well.

It as suddenly struck me that in terms of blogging I am probably not doing it ‘right’. I would say I was just deciding to sit down and write a stream of consciousness about my marketing and hoping it passes as some sort of blog post. Very unprofessional.

Last week I had a few more  insights into the world of key words, longtail key words and how to find out about them, and how I should probably create my content around the key words I wanted to use.Ho hum. Will this marketing thing ever become simple?

I am really up against hardened professionals it seems. No peace for the wicked!

I spent last week getting marketing materials ready for the launch of the Internet Profits latest Front End Offer, The Affiliate Marketers Playbook. Having to suddenly pull together my efforts for a launch concentrated the mind wonderfully as I first developed the Optin funnel, then attached it to the Autoresponder, then filmed some Free videos to launch, advertising the arrival of the new Free+ Shipping Offer.

I found it amusing and salutary to deal with a sort of deadline, having over the past few weeks felt as though I was drifting. The natural urgency of creating a funnel etc was invigorating. Probably i could do with a few more like that. Now I am putting together the Facebook campaigns for the Affiliate marketers playbook. Obviously the ‘paid ‘ ads are supposed to be more immediately productive the the unpaid ads. I am not at the point yet where I can engender subscriptions to my list from my ads. I think my progress has to be one of increasing my accuracy in my ads so that I have the method of getting lead captures honed down to a fine point. Hitting the targets better. It is largely a matter of learning and gaining experience with this sort campaign.

Anyway,what is the Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook?

Well it is a short book written by Dean Holland. It’s main thesis is the traditional affiliate marketing is not profitable for affiliates and they will spend more on advertising than they claw back in commissions on front end sales. So it is a non profitable undertaking these days, whereas it used to be very worthwhile when ad costs were cheap.

However if someone is prepared to offer affiliate programmes where there are commissions to be made on the backend sales and premium products then one can still do well at Affiliate Marketing.

There are 4 areas to concentrate on basically. Targeted Traffic,Email list Building,Follow up,Sales system.

The answer to finding success if one is to, is keeping things simple and not to try and master all of the ways of getting traffic. Having one ‘free’ traffic strategy and one paid traffic strategy is sufficient. There are loads of people on the Internet,but locating the right people for your business is the objective which one can do in various ways,accordingto one’s platform.

Stage 2 is List Building, which you initiate by making an irresistible offer of value for Free as a quid pro quo for subscribing to the list you are building. Basically this is done through an Optin form.Once someone has opted in to get your free offer, then they are put on your autoresponder.

Now the third stage is the follow up once people are on your list, whereby you write to them regularly, giving free education tips and telling them about your life so that they see you as someone they can trust to give them good value.

This process is never ending in as much as you will be sending them daily emails, no matter how far along the process they are. The trick is to always have stores to tell and products to promote.

Finally there is the Sales system. Once someone is on your list they are going through the sales funnel appropriate to their position on the list. If you have a number of products to offer then the subscribers will be introduced into different funnels and different parts of each funnel. Drawing diagrams of this process explains better than words can what this looks like. Suffice it to say sales Funnels can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Anyway that is in short form what the basics of Affiliate Marketing are. In the Affiliate Marketers playbook there are another level of eduction in associated videos which flesh out the teaching. In usual Dean Holland style the whole package is succinct and easy to understand.

Of course at the end he shows the reader what his company is about and how it is the best provider of a good Affiliate Marketing business model. Who am I to disagree, given that I am a partner, and I am persuading you of the same?

Perhaps it is best to find out for yourself and get this Free Product for the price of shipping and handling. Please go to:https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optinlc74v8vt





Hello again,

I hope you are all doing well. The last couple of days I have been setting up my next Facebook Ads campaign and trying to structure it in the recommended way- ie having a Cold Ads campaign, leading into a Warm Ads campaign. Now it is a slightly unknown quantity because I do not know for sure whether the Facebook pixel which is personal to me will cut in or not to allow the Warm Ads to simply go to people who showed sufficient interest in my Cold Ad and watched the video,. I watch the demo for setting it all up, yet am still slightly perplexed when I actually set the ads up for myself. Maybe things have changed on facebook since the demos I watched took place. It is little annoying that I cannot get it exactly because therein I feel lies a strong key to any future success moving forward which I have.

So over the next few days much will be revealed but will it yield what I desire. Hell, there is a never ending stream of little things I have to master in this business as I have previously mentioned and one never knows quite how many of these fiddly details need to be attended to.

The promise of riches of course drives me forward though I would like to think that also it is the idea that I could turn some deserving cases into online marketers too in this way. Some people have dreams which need to be attended to and with dedication.They are in pursuit of more than the ‘life of quiet desperation’ which is running its humdrum course. I think if I had something really mind-blowing beyond what is on offer in this affiliate space I would want to turn as many people on as possible. It is time to move beyond the narrow notion of ‘looking only after oneself’ and ‘each man to himself’ which has dominated too much of the last 40 years. These counter-evolutionary ideas have simply created a few very very wealthy people, while the majority too often are really hard pushed. It is time we learned to become part of a greater whole again and lost some of our seperateness from one another. Seriously,we only really gain if the majority do too, and the odiously selfish bores who hoard billions really have had their day. It is time to get the world ready for a better future and a more sharing time.Evolution after all needs to move in the right direction.

Our times of separation from one another have gone on for too long. We are just the same deal replicated over and over and it is time to be aware of this.We are intrinsically Love and that is what binds us here. The seperation from one another is too painful to be allowed to continue. Evolution must take place.

Since what I can at present share and turn you on to is the Perfect Offer,which shows how to make yourself a positive influence on the market place, please got to: https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optingx65g1dk





Hello again,

The days pass and I work on my business everyday; I progress in some small way and yet there is still a long way to go to succeed. I forgot the thing about simplicity as well, and thought of ways to become overanxious and complicate things and thus wear myself out. To be fair to myself, I wish it were more complex, and engaged  my love of complexity, but no. As  I walk into the light I see it is still that 3 step move I have to keep up with. Traffic, Capture, Follow Up! Simple.

Something I did however get clearer more educated on was Facebook Ads so that my next campaign may start to get results. If I set up first a strong cold ads campaign and post then my second campaign- a warm ad campaign should work better. As it is so far I have been running the whole thing as a warm ads campaign. So now I know! In theory anyway. It will still take some setting up to do right. I look forward to when I become successful at this thing because not getting it all to happen for me has become a bore, really! One can only struggle for so long before it turns into sadism against oneself, I think, and no platitude on the planet can offer any palliative.

Where have I reached on my Free plus shipping product? Well I am starting to build the funnel and make enquiries about getting usb sticks cheap from China. Always exciting though not straightforward to doing business in another country. I cannot promise myself the perfect product but it will at least be functional so long as I can get a decent matchup of slides and audio,which is the main sticking point at the moment.

I am not going to blow my own trumpet here because I do  to know how it will go in the future, but in terms of what I’ve done so far, the F+Shipping product has gone okay. There is still some way to goes I cannot say how that will go.

Overall there is an important point to be made about running an online business which is echoed elsewhere. It  is fine working hard,but it is not worth working yourself into the ground over it, or having a nervous breakdown over. You cannot enjoy the rewards of something if you are too done in. Long live sanity!

There is not a great deal to write from this last week on the world of my business. I came across a great quote today: ‘All the money you’ll ever need is hiding behind your true purpose.’ Food for thought in that one! At the time I was planning a deep revamp of my business structure and looking at where I need to make adjustments to please myself and not just others.

I realise this has been a bit rambling and not particular focussed on one point. But life is like that. For the Free + Shipping Product you need if not having great offers is your problem, ‘The Perfect Offer’-go to:








Hello again,

I hope you are doing well. The winter is really biting now, and feels slightly uncomfortable. But I guess getting older sees to that a bit.

Something we are told as marketers to do is to be consistent. I cannot honestly say that I am when it comes to posting blogs and putting up videos and I guess that this is a skill we learn over time as our businesses take off. But one thing I am going to imprint on myself this year is that marketing is actually quite simple and try and follow that principle as such as possible. Certainly the way it has been put to me shows me that it can be just like that. Simplicity itself.

I am sure that at certain time I have made it seem far more complex than it is and viewed my tasks as being as hard as the labours of Hercules,without quite knowing what I had to do.

Sometimes I am still not sure as there is a degree of multi-level functioning involved in all this. But doing the basics right time after time will at least ensure that whatever I add init is added to a firm foundation.

Right now I have to get a grip on my use Facebook ads. I have now tried 4 ad campaigns.I have gotten no subscribers from them. so what is the problem? Time go back to the drawing board and educate myself further. It would be good to become an expert on these as it seems fairly natural to use them.

I did think the capture page must be faulty, but since then I have learnt it may be the ad itself that creates clicks but attracts the wrong viewers. Maybe it is not clear enough. Getting the right sort of people to look at the ad who will then be likely to want to look further has to be the aim. For the price of two cappuccino a free product on what constitutes the Perfect Offer has to be a no-brainer.

Frank Kern says that anyone can make it in marketing PROVIDED he has this one thing..an offer. That’s all. An offer, pure and simple. Advancing along that line of logic why would one not want to construct the PERFECT OFFER?

Once you have an offer it just has to go to the right people at the right time in the right way. The example used is of a bunch of runners on a very hot day being offered an iced  lemon drink at the finish line. Simple. A cup of hot coffee might not work quite as well!

That is the dead simple way of viewing the process. Complicating it beyond that would be bad manners, and an intrusion.

BTW-To get the Perfect Offer please go to the following link.:https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optingx65g1dk


Hello there,

It has taken a while for me to get back to my blog site after the New Year ,partially because I have been snowed under with extra webinars. It was good to take a break for a while too and forget about necessities rather than relaxation for a bit.

So at the last point of contact I left with a choice held out for you about ways you’d possibly like your life to be mysteriously improved from a number of options and of course you could have cheated a bit.Such as having three wishes and multiplying them and taking each of the other choices as one wish. On the other hand you might have fluffed it by saying a sentence beginning-‘Oh I wish I could…(something really mundane)’,and losing all your wishes like that in meaningless statements of desire.

So  now I am going to give you the next part of this which is to say that instead of all of those somewhat fanciful choices, you could create a great little business for yourself doing what I am and following a course of action to make great  profits online in affiliate marketing. Too corny? Too off pat? (the message, that is) Well too bad! Life is still life and things stay pretty mundane around here, what ever novelists say, though having a generous amount of imagination does not hurt one bit. Nor does having dreams which you have the vision to put into a time frame.

So what do you need to start a business online?  Well first off a choice about what sort of business is necessary. Do you intend to create your own products? This is a good one if you feel really competent about what you are creating and it can have great results for you. But it takes time. And money. And tuition.

Next you could do ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ as a business, whereby you help other businesses improve their ‘Google’ ranking ( or any search engine for that matter, though Google is still the main one),so that they appear nearer the top of the first page for that type of business. This involves some technical knowledge as well as the know how to get clients to pay you to help them so you have to have a good track record early on in the piece. In some ways this is a nerdy way to progress, and involves understanding a lot about keywords and tags.

Then you can just coach, but I would suggest that coaching is really something you do when you are conversant in or other type of online business beforehand.

Ecommerce too is something a lot of people are drawn to, and can be a good business, if you know where to go to get relatively good products to sell at low cost to yourself.

Then there is Affiliate Marketing,whereby you market to online viewers products which you endorse but do not make. For reasons of relative ease-and I emphasise ‘relative’- this is the best place to start for many would be online marketers as you can learn marketing on its own for much of the time without having to create products, which you can do later when you have an understanding of the processes involved. Anyway,here I am pretty much about this Affiliate Marketing stuff. I do have my own product, still in the completing, but for these purposes I am about Affiliate Marketing and what you need to do.

So what do you need to do for your business to start off? Well I am creating a Free Product for free + shipping which is precisely about this and is called ‘Affiliate Induction’. It is a slide show with narrative and will be coming out on a usb stick. It is fundamentally about covering the details of what you need to get to start your online business, the first set of ducks as it were. Available soon.

So whilst there is no Time Travel machine deal available (yet,I would hasten to add) there is the chance to build a life which takes over from the life of quiet desperation experienced by so many in the modern world which can give you the chance to live out many of your cherished dreams and goals.And isn’t that what we really want anyway?

For the moment please visit the following site for a copy of the ‘Perfect Offer’-a sure fire way of straightening out your thinking.


Thanks for reading. I will tell you more about the Free Product I am creating in future posts. Be well.

Hi there again,

Only a couple of days left before the madness can subside and we can all just watch the telly! I remember this time last year and a blog post I wrote then. It was about a question on choices. Given the following conditions would you choose:

a) A Snow White Mirror. Your own solution to your insecurity. You could be told at any time of day that your were the most beautiful of them all.

b) You had 3 wishes all of which would be fulfilled once you wished for things you desired. This can be tricky as you might ask for something silly along the way!

C) You would be given a Time Travel machine if you chose this option. I did not specify for how long or anything.

d) You could have your own Dorian Grey picture! Indulgence in your pet fetishes and the deepest depravities your heart could imagine and still you would retain a youthful innocence in your face.

e) You could choose a Superhero Superpower of your choice. Invisibility for instance.

This may not seem like a blindingly generous choice to you,but to me it seems a fair assortment. Anyway which one would you choose?

I will not reveal my choice. I like a bit of secrecy. But instead of all the above without having to go to any great ,you could have a six figure a year business keeping the wolf from the door and providing great value to customers who need your solutions.

Well that’s a marketing message anyway. At present even more in the realm of fantasy than my 5 choices. One day though,one day!

I think with Time Travel, I have always felt a surge of enthusiasm for the idea of it. It may not even be that hard to make real. Of course it has been pioneered-some time in the future! Yes. In the future people are time travelling.Theoretically. Pres Trump may have destroyed the planet before it was ever possible to invent TT. We do not know. But if the world we know has survived beyond 2030/40 then time travel will have been invented. Which statement says quite a lot about my perception of time-ie the future as already happening. Well scientists have said that parallel universes exist and it is no more unreal to think that time-linear time-in the future- is already taking place. Weird.I am no scientist so I do not fully appreciate all the factors,but I am a philosopher and a thinker so I can create.

Indeed Time Travel always comes up when I am asked to consider my dreams for the future. Now if TT is already happpening somewhere in future time, then could someone come back to this present and reveal this?  Logically,yes. Could scientists disprove this as a possibility. I suspect not. Like the case for alien life forms, the reality of time travel in the future,unless our earth gets destroyed or the religious nuts take over completely, is pretty much proved. I shall continue on that basis. The means we could be shown by someone coming back. Or hit on it ourselves, though true to our lower natures commercial companies would want to take over and make a lot of lucre out of it. Usurers! If only we could get rid of that sort of pointlessness! Unless we use them to our ends.

Imagination surely has played a bigger part in our evolution than many  would claim. Without it we would have got nowhere. Unfortunately some people have turned nightmares into reality too.

But if we follow our dreams enough they may turn into reality!





I like writing. Pure and simple. I find it an entertaining and interesting thing to do. I suspect it is one of my stronger suits in life.So if that is my task for today I am generally content.

Obviously in marketing there a very wide range of activities we must undertake to get a business to live and even more to get it to thrive. I am somewhere between getting mine to live and getting it to thrive.

I have thoughts of the Chinese Bamboo tree. I must water and water the area I planted the seeds in for an eternity and then boom! in the last bit my bamboo will thrust up at amazing speed into the sky. and people, including myself,will stop thinking me crazy. What a joke! The bamboo tree is in this instance my business. keeping going is the tough bit.

At present I am putting together my free plus shipping product for the Customer Acquisition Bootcamp. It seems stange to be producing something which the wider world may see. The product will be on a usb stick and delivered to peoples ‘ doors. Wow! I do not know quite what to say. It ewill not be the frist product I have made though as I do have a weightloss product in another business. But that needs finishing too. A few more heads and pairs of arms might do the trick.

In reality outsourcing would be a good idea where required and I shall look closer at it as a way forward. It is a matter of taking the plunge and deciding what to outsource,what to keep. The 80-20 rule( pareto principle) determines that we get 80% of our results from 20% of our efforts. So ditching the low value tasks and concentrating on the highest value ones is necessary. But in truth affiliate marketing at this stage does require we do some of these low value tasks. Those are amongst the ones I should farm out.

I think I make an advance of sorts everyday just about.It may not be massive but on this voyage of discovery something more is learned daily,something more acted upon. Overall taking action pleases me more though I am always ready to learn something. Having an academic background ensures that. I will never stop learning until I am too gaga to understand a word!

Among the tasks I will keep will be writing and videoing as well as funnel creationand all the fun things. The things which will go will be minutiae, techy things and possibly capturing traffic. Or probably!

Anyway I seem to have rambled a lot. In keeping generally with the time of year,concentration on one task alone is not that simple. Anyway I shall be back in the not distant future. Be well.

For a free product please go to



HI there,

I hope you are well. Much in the same vein as I took the ‘Quick Start Challenge’ a couple of months ago, I have been doing the ‘Customer Acquisition Bootcamp’ these past few weeks. I am now about half way through. This is basically beta testing a new course being put out by Dean Holland about creating Free plus Shipping offers, and in the process of this I am being shown how to create my first one.

So to start with we were asked to come up with the person who would constitute our ideal customer. This is called an ‘Avatar’. I had two, one of whom I defined in very detailed lines- a University lecturer, looking for additional income to give her and her son a better lifestyle.

The other was for a slightly less defined couple who wanted to escape the lives of ‘quiet desperation’ they are forced to live out in dull dead end work on  middle management salaries, and have more time to actually enjoy being on this earth.

In the following week we had to come up with a number of ideas of what would constitute a good free product which could be shipped as a physical product to someone’s door. So among my ideas was a product which sets out on videos the first steps you must take to begin business in affiliate marketing. This I think is quite a popular idea for a Free plus shipping deal as it gives the basics to taking off.

Indeed I have a number of posts on my educational site exactly about this, https://marketingwithmikeram.co and may well use materials from there to construct this product. None of it is rocket science and really it is a case of explaining it in a beginner friendly way, and giving a resource or two with it.

Another idea is for a short course about setting a blog. Again not rocket science but nonetheless very appropriate. I had a couple of ideas in motivational psychology adapted for marketing and personal developement  and  staying healthy while being an entrepreneur, both very interesting fields of study and application. These are all possible ideas for a free plus shipping. One day I would like to try the book idea also but I suspect that is a bit of time away yet. Though I have seen how Frank Kern goes about developing an idea for one and it seems pretty feasible to me.(The guy knows clever shortcuts)

So this week on Customer Acquisition Bootcamp we learnt the steps towards creating the marketing of the Free product which is the most essential part to get good at if one is to actually spread the good word. Having a good product is non-negotiable, but getting the marketing good also is no less important. So I have to create  the marketing material for it over the next couple of days which will be fun. I shall do a short video and sales letter which can be compressed into a good advertisement.

This can be summarised as ‘The Eight Step Formula’. Firstly the ‘Who’. Who am I? Simple enough to answer unless I am in one of those philosophical enquiry modes. Enough said!

So ‘What’ is it I am offering? Well as stated above, in this instance one of the four ideas I put out.I introduce the product in an attractive way.

Thirdly ‘Why’ am I offering this? This is a simple enough question to answer though I cannot take too long about it.Basically this question is about why would someone want this product-ie what pain point am I addressing?

The fourth point of this formula is to state ‘How’ does the subscriber get this product-a very easy straightforward deal whereby the product is a free one but the customer pays for the ‘shipping’.Simple as that.This is where I would get their address and card details so I could deliver the promised product to them asap.

The next step you need to tell them is why you are being so generous.And be honest about it.You want them to buy from you afterwards. Simple. Then you have say why you want them to do it fairly quickly. There are only a limited number there for delivery.

The next detail is to give them a guarantee on the offer. This is optional.But as the price of shipping is as much as couple of coffees it is unlikely to be operated on. And finally you recap what you are giving them, and why it is a dead cert brilliant deal. And that is it.

On the face of it this seems fairly straightforward, but in reality I shall have to do it first. In any casein feels a bit like being let off the leash bit to express my marketing self in a way directed towards getting success which is tangible and measurable. Exciting!

This is what I have been doing of late and moving ahead in my business. And meanwhile the Nobel peace Prize has been awarded to the ‘International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons’. Well done to them. Make Love Not War! We cannot do this sort of business if we have been fried!

For a Free Product already in existence, by Dean Holland, please go to https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optingx65g1dk