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It as suddenly struck me that in terms of blogging I am probably not doing it ‘right’. I would say I was just deciding to sit down and write a stream of consciousness about my marketing and hoping it passes as some sort of blog post. Very unprofessional.

Last week I had a few more  insights into the world of key words, longtail key words and how to find out about them, and how I should probably create my content around the key words I wanted to use.Ho hum. Will this marketing thing ever become simple?

I am really up against hardened professionals it seems. No peace for the wicked!

I spent last week getting marketing materials ready for the launch of the Internet Profits latest Front End Offer, The Affiliate Marketers Playbook. Having to suddenly pull together my efforts for a launch concentrated the mind wonderfully as I first developed the Optin funnel, then attached it to the Autoresponder, then filmed some Free videos to launch, advertising the arrival of the new Free+ Shipping Offer.

I found it amusing and salutary to deal with a sort of deadline, having over the past few weeks felt as though I was drifting. The natural urgency of creating a funnel etc was invigorating. Probably i could do with a few more like that. Now I am putting together the Facebook campaigns for the Affiliate marketers playbook. Obviously the ‘paid ‘ ads are supposed to be more immediately productive the the unpaid ads. I am not at the point yet where I can engender subscriptions to my list from my ads. I think my progress has to be one of increasing my accuracy in my ads so that I have the method of getting lead captures honed down to a fine point. Hitting the targets better. It is largely a matter of learning and gaining experience with this sort campaign.

Anyway,what is the Affiliate Marketer’s Playbook?

Well it is a short book written by Dean Holland. It’s main thesis is the traditional affiliate marketing is not profitable for affiliates and they will spend more on advertising than they claw back in commissions on front end sales. So it is a non profitable undertaking these days, whereas it used to be very worthwhile when ad costs were cheap.

However if someone is prepared to offer affiliate programmes where there are commissions to be made on the backend sales and premium products then one can still do well at Affiliate Marketing.

There are 4 areas to concentrate on basically. Targeted Traffic,Email list Building,Follow up,Sales system.

The answer to finding success if one is to, is keeping things simple and not to try and master all of the ways of getting traffic. Having one ‘free’ traffic strategy and one paid traffic strategy is sufficient. There are loads of people on the Internet,but locating the right people for your business is the objective which one can do in various ways,accordingto one’s platform.

Stage 2 is List Building, which you initiate by making an irresistible offer of value for Free as a quid pro quo for subscribing to the list you are building. Basically this is done through an Optin form.Once someone has opted in to get your free offer, then they are put on your autoresponder.

Now the third stage is the follow up once people are on your list, whereby you write to them regularly, giving free education tips and telling them about your life so that they see you as someone they can trust to give them good value.

This process is never ending in as much as you will be sending them daily emails, no matter how far along the process they are. The trick is to always have stores to tell and products to promote.

Finally there is the Sales system. Once someone is on your list they are going through the sales funnel appropriate to their position on the list. If you have a number of products to offer then the subscribers will be introduced into different funnels and different parts of each funnel. Drawing diagrams of this process explains better than words can what this looks like. Suffice it to say sales Funnels can be as simple or as complex as you like.

Anyway that is in short form what the basics of Affiliate Marketing are. In the Affiliate Marketers playbook there are another level of eduction in associated videos which flesh out the teaching. In usual Dean Holland style the whole package is succinct and easy to understand.

Of course at the end he shows the reader what his company is about and how it is the best provider of a good Affiliate Marketing business model. Who am I to disagree, given that I am a partner, and I am persuading you of the same?

Perhaps it is best to find out for yourself and get this Free Product for the price of shipping and handling. Please go to:





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