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In marketing you are never going to stop learning. The process of educating oneself is going to be unending.And really there will always be something you need to find out about everyday. Maybe more than one thing, in the sense of imperative.

It would be possible at any time to sink under the weight of things to be done and to be learnt. In fact just thinking about it could cause health problems with stress related conditions. So how should we deal with it?

Well I was lucky to some extent early on inasmuch as my first mentor,Alex Jeffreys, taught me and everyone else that one’s daily work should consist of one thing really-one’s most important task. One’s MIT. Simple. It stuck with me and to this day I can say I follow this. Doing my most important task is first on the list. Sure there are one or two other things that occur, but really at the end of the day, things which are in the category below most important either ascend to most important or slip out of view.

This takes care of one part of the problem. The other was dealt with by Dean Holland in a video of his recently, talking about the subject of overwhelm. And again he narrowed our true areas of concern to one thing-immersion in one subject at a time. After all, one cannot learn everything at once without have a knowledge chip inserted somewhere in one’s being. Simple. In case you want a knowledge based website then try at: 

It is full of the basic necessary information required..

There are other ways of dealing with overwhelm, which is just to write out all of things one think one has to do then ordering them according to necessity. Again that way one discards some automatically, and for the rest one knocks them off in a logical, unhurried way. that is the theory anyway.But in good faith one cannot do anything six feet under so if in doubt chill out for a bit!

Seriously there are very few things that cannot be left for a while if one is very stressed. These are…..ringing for an ambulance in the case of heart attacker or at least a doctor, or in case of a stroke, getting out of the house in case of a fire, or an armed burglar, or taking the dog for a walk if it says it wants to go out! Otherwise you are the controller! Control at all times.Do not be controlled. But do become an expert in one thing at a time. Like I am doing with Facebook Ads at the moment.Or that is the intention anyway, and as I have a course by Justin Brooks to follow I will get there one day!

For a great Free+Shipping product please go to:       

This link is to the Affiliate Marketers Playbook,the state of the art, hot off the press manual for this year on ‘How to Succeed’.How can you resist? Don’t! That’s a clue.




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