Doing what I like.


I like writing. Pure and simple. I find it an entertaining and interesting thing to do. I suspect it is one of my stronger suits in life.So if that is my task for today I am generally content.

Obviously in marketing there a very wide range of activities we must undertake to get a business to live and even more to get it to thrive. I am somewhere between getting mine to live and getting it to thrive.

I have thoughts of the Chinese Bamboo tree. I must water and water the area I planted the seeds in for an eternity and then boom! in the last bit my bamboo will thrust up at amazing speed into the sky. and people, including myself,will stop thinking me crazy. What a joke! The bamboo tree is in this instance my business. keeping going is the tough bit.

At present I am putting together my free plus shipping product for the Customer Acquisition Bootcamp. It seems stange to be producing something which the wider world may see. The product will be on a usb stick and delivered to peoples ‘ doors. Wow! I do not know quite what to say. It ewill not be the frist product I have made though as I do have a weightloss product in another business. But that needs finishing too. A few more heads and pairs of arms might do the trick.

In reality outsourcing would be a good idea where required and I shall look closer at it as a way forward. It is a matter of taking the plunge and deciding what to outsource,what to keep. The 80-20 rule( pareto principle) determines that we get 80% of our results from 20% of our efforts. So ditching the low value tasks and concentrating on the highest value ones is necessary. But in truth affiliate marketing at this stage does require we do some of these low value tasks. Those are amongst the ones I should farm out.

I think I make an advance of sorts everyday just about.It may not be massive but on this voyage of discovery something more is learned daily,something more acted upon. Overall taking action pleases me more though I am always ready to learn something. Having an academic background ensures that. I will never stop learning until I am too gaga to understand a word!

Among the tasks I will keep will be writing and videoing as well as funnel creationand all the fun things. The things which will go will be minutiae, techy things and possibly capturing traffic. Or probably!

Anyway I seem to have rambled a lot. In keeping generally with the time of year,concentration on one task alone is not that simple. Anyway I shall be back in the not distant future. Be well.

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