Hope or Expectation?

Hi folks,

I hope you are doing well. I have spent a number of sessions this week listening to Tony Robbins videos on Youtube. They are great and I can easily get lost in them and forget that time is passing on the rest of my business.

However I do have to think that it does me a lot of good as it works directly on me and brings plenty of ideas to the table about what I should do with my business.

I think one important  thing I.got from the material was that hoping my business would succeed felt to me very differently from expecting my business to really succeed and all that goes with it.

Much of where I have been is probably hoping but with a view that if I just carry on then I will eventually make it. I do not know whether that is a good position to take, and in any case I have since decided that expecting it to do well is  a rather superior attitude to hoping. So that is my orientation sorted.

Of course Tony R. has plenty of other things to say and in a certain attention I can pay to my own performance he could have a massive influence. Take video making as an example. If I talk as I normally do on video then my performance are okay. I am after all fairly new at it, though been around long enough to lose a number of them,as mentioned before.

But in future I can see I will get better if I make them less like a teacher might and more like a performer might.In other words if I bring more me in a present state to the work then I will see better results.

So my aim for future videoing is to become a better performer. Try and score 8/9 rather than 5/6.

So far I have enjoyed making videos,just as I enjoy writing stuff. Just as well because there will be plenty of this down the line. It is important to actually get a kick out of this stuff because it would be a preciously unrewarding occupation if I did not.

Sometimes I get glimpses of things I do not really enjoy doing. DIY for instance. God,what a chore. Reading instruction manuals, technical writing, filling in forms, taking surveys. All tedious. watching rugby on TV-total nono!

But I really want to up my pleasure here, and just be ‘Happy as Larry’ with my work. so in the spirit of trying to give better value, I would encourage you to go to my Education Site -which is a sister site at:

https://marketingwithmikeram.co. basically there is a whole load of written material on how to get started in affiliate marketing. Read through the posts and discover what you need to know.

This site is primarily my story so I do not actually put too much of the educational stuff here. My journey has been quite a long one,and as yet I am not a superstar. But I do give 100% and I am fully committed and as I said before I do expect to succeed big time.

Thank you for reading and perhaps leaving a comment. Onwards and Upwards.


  1. Thanks for this post Mike.

    I realize that I have been hoping, not expecting, this internet marketing thing to work. I agree that expecting success is a better mind set, assuming appropriate action is taken.

    So, I’m off to take action and expect success. I just need to quite that little voice in my head that says “yeah but….”

    1. Hi Barb, Thank you for commenting here.I think that as soon as we decide to say it will work,there is that voice in the other direction.The thing is to know that is the voice of the critic who never believes anyway and always wants the safety of comfortable non achievement. Anyway just pressing on,provided its in the right direction,will produce a good outcome,I think. Cheers Mike

  2. Great post mike, really resonated with me and got me thinking about whether I am hoping or expecting my business to succeed! Quite timely too as I am currently reading a book called ‘How quantum physicists build new beliefs’ which is all about changing the neural pathways in your brain from hope to genuine belief ! you should check it out 🙂

    1. Hi Vicky, Thank you for visiting my site. That book does sound interesting to me for sure. I am looking for ways to be better and have more fun in most directions. Cheers Mike

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