Hello again,

The days pass and I work on my business everyday; I progress in some small way and yet there is still a long way to go to succeed. I forgot the thing about simplicity as well, and thought of ways to become overanxious and complicate things and thus wear myself out. To be fair to myself, I wish it were more complex, and engaged  my love of complexity, but no. As  I walk into the light I see it is still that 3 step move I have to keep up with. Traffic, Capture, Follow Up! Simple.

Something I did however get clearer more educated on was Facebook Ads so that my next campaign may start to get results. If I set up first a strong cold ads campaign and post then my second campaign- a warm ad campaign should work better. As it is so far I have been running the whole thing as a warm ads campaign. So now I know! In theory anyway. It will still take some setting up to do right. I look forward to when I become successful at this thing because not getting it all to happen for me has become a bore, really! One can only struggle for so long before it turns into sadism against oneself, I think, and no platitude on the planet can offer any palliative.

Where have I reached on my Free plus shipping product? Well I am starting to build the funnel and make enquiries about getting usb sticks cheap from China. Always exciting though not straightforward to doing business in another country. I cannot promise myself the perfect product but it will at least be functional so long as I can get a decent matchup of slides and audio,which is the main sticking point at the moment.

I am not going to blow my own trumpet here because I do  to know how it will go in the future, but in terms of what I’ve done so far, the F+Shipping product has gone okay. There is still some way to goes I cannot say how that will go.

Overall there is an important point to be made about running an online business which is echoed elsewhere. It  is fine working hard,but it is not worth working yourself into the ground over it, or having a nervous breakdown over. You cannot enjoy the rewards of something if you are too done in. Long live sanity!

There is not a great deal to write from this last week on the world of my business. I came across a great quote today: ‘All the money you’ll ever need is hiding behind your true purpose.’ Food for thought in that one! At the time I was planning a deep revamp of my business structure and looking at where I need to make adjustments to please myself and not just others.

I realise this has been a bit rambling and not particular focussed on one point. But life is like that. For the Free + Shipping Product you need if not having great offers is your problem, ‘The Perfect Offer’-go to:








Hello again,

I hope you are doing well. The winter is really biting now, and feels slightly uncomfortable. But I guess getting older sees to that a bit.

Something we are told as marketers to do is to be consistent. I cannot honestly say that I am when it comes to posting blogs and putting up videos and I guess that this is a skill we learn over time as our businesses take off. But one thing I am going to imprint on myself this year is that marketing is actually quite simple and try and follow that principle as such as possible. Certainly the way it has been put to me shows me that it can be just like that. Simplicity itself.

I am sure that at certain time I have made it seem far more complex than it is and viewed my tasks as being as hard as the labours of Hercules,without quite knowing what I had to do.

Sometimes I am still not sure as there is a degree of multi-level functioning involved in all this. But doing the basics right time after time will at least ensure that whatever I add init is added to a firm foundation.

Right now I have to get a grip on my use Facebook ads. I have now tried 4 ad campaigns.I have gotten no subscribers from them. so what is the problem? Time go back to the drawing board and educate myself further. It would be good to become an expert on these as it seems fairly natural to use them.

I did think the capture page must be faulty, but since then I have learnt it may be the ad itself that creates clicks but attracts the wrong viewers. Maybe it is not clear enough. Getting the right sort of people to look at the ad who will then be likely to want to look further has to be the aim. For the price of two cappuccino a free product on what constitutes the Perfect Offer has to be a no-brainer.

Frank Kern says that anyone can make it in marketing PROVIDED he has this one thing..an offer. That’s all. An offer, pure and simple. Advancing along that line of logic why would one not want to construct the PERFECT OFFER?

Once you have an offer it just has to go to the right people at the right time in the right way. The example used is of a bunch of runners on a very hot day being offered an iced  lemon drink at the finish line. Simple. A cup of hot coffee might not work quite as well!

That is the dead simple way of viewing the process. Complicating it beyond that would be bad manners, and an intrusion.

BTW-To get the Perfect Offer please go to the following link.:https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optingx65g1dk


Hello there,

It has taken a while for me to get back to my blog site after the New Year ,partially because I have been snowed under with extra webinars. It was good to take a break for a while too and forget about necessities rather than relaxation for a bit.

So at the last point of contact I left with a choice held out for you about ways you’d possibly like your life to be mysteriously improved from a number of options and of course you could have cheated a bit.Such as having three wishes and multiplying them and taking each of the other choices as one wish. On the other hand you might have fluffed it by saying a sentence beginning-‘Oh I wish I could…(something really mundane)’,and losing all your wishes like that in meaningless statements of desire.

So  now I am going to give you the next part of this which is to say that instead of all of those somewhat fanciful choices, you could create a great little business for yourself doing what I am and following a course of action to make great  profits online in affiliate marketing. Too corny? Too off pat? (the message, that is) Well too bad! Life is still life and things stay pretty mundane around here, what ever novelists say, though having a generous amount of imagination does not hurt one bit. Nor does having dreams which you have the vision to put into a time frame.

So what do you need to start a business online?  Well first off a choice about what sort of business is necessary. Do you intend to create your own products? This is a good one if you feel really competent about what you are creating and it can have great results for you. But it takes time. And money. And tuition.

Next you could do ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ as a business, whereby you help other businesses improve their ‘Google’ ranking ( or any search engine for that matter, though Google is still the main one),so that they appear nearer the top of the first page for that type of business. This involves some technical knowledge as well as the know how to get clients to pay you to help them so you have to have a good track record early on in the piece. In some ways this is a nerdy way to progress, and involves understanding a lot about keywords and tags.

Then you can just coach, but I would suggest that coaching is really something you do when you are conversant in or other type of online business beforehand.

Ecommerce too is something a lot of people are drawn to, and can be a good business, if you know where to go to get relatively good products to sell at low cost to yourself.

Then there is Affiliate Marketing,whereby you market to online viewers products which you endorse but do not make. For reasons of relative ease-and I emphasise ‘relative’- this is the best place to start for many would be online marketers as you can learn marketing on its own for much of the time without having to create products, which you can do later when you have an understanding of the processes involved. Anyway,here I am pretty much about this Affiliate Marketing stuff. I do have my own product, still in the completing, but for these purposes I am about Affiliate Marketing and what you need to do.

So what do you need to do for your business to start off? Well I am creating a Free Product for free + shipping which is precisely about this and is called ‘Affiliate Induction’. It is a slide show with narrative and will be coming out on a usb stick. It is fundamentally about covering the details of what you need to get to start your online business, the first set of ducks as it were. Available soon.

So whilst there is no Time Travel machine deal available (yet,I would hasten to add) there is the chance to build a life which takes over from the life of quiet desperation experienced by so many in the modern world which can give you the chance to live out many of your cherished dreams and goals.And isn’t that what we really want anyway?

For the moment please visit the following site for a copy of the ‘Perfect Offer’-a sure fire way of straightening out your thinking.


Thanks for reading. I will tell you more about the Free Product I am creating in future posts. Be well.