Hi there again,

Only a couple of days left before the madness can subside and we can all just watch the telly! I remember this time last year and a blog post I wrote then. It was about a question on choices. Given the following conditions would you choose:

a) A Snow White Mirror. Your own solution to your insecurity. You could be told at any time of day that your were the most beautiful of them all.

b) You had 3 wishes all of which would be fulfilled once you wished for things you desired. This can be tricky as you might ask for something silly along the way!

C) You would be given a Time Travel machine if you chose this option. I did not specify for how long or anything.

d) You could have your own Dorian Grey picture! Indulgence in your pet fetishes and the deepest depravities your heart could imagine and still you would retain a youthful innocence in your face.

e) You could choose a Superhero Superpower of your choice. Invisibility for instance.

This may not seem like a blindingly generous choice to you,but to me it seems a fair assortment. Anyway which one would you choose?

I will not reveal my choice. I like a bit of secrecy. But instead of all the above without having to go to any great ,you could have a six figure a year business keeping the wolf from the door and providing great value to customers who need your solutions.

Well that’s a marketing message anyway. At present even more in the realm of fantasy than my 5 choices. One day though,one day!

I think with Time Travel, I have always felt a surge of enthusiasm for the idea of it. It may not even be that hard to make real. Of course it has been pioneered-some time in the future! Yes. In the future people are time travelling.Theoretically. Pres Trump may have destroyed the planet before it was ever possible to invent TT. We do not know. But if the world we know has survived beyond 2030/40 then time travel will have been invented. Which statement says quite a lot about my perception of time-ie the future as already happening. Well scientists have said that parallel universes exist and it is no more unreal to think that time-linear time-in the future- is already taking place. Weird.I am no scientist so I do not fully appreciate all the factors,but I am a philosopher and a thinker so I can create.

Indeed Time Travel always comes up when I am asked to consider my dreams for the future. Now if TT is already happpening somewhere in future time, then could someone come back to this present and reveal this?  Logically,yes. Could scientists disprove this as a possibility. I suspect not. Like the case for alien life forms, the reality of time travel in the future,unless our earth gets destroyed or the religious nuts take over completely, is pretty much proved. I shall continue on that basis. The means we could be shown by someone coming back. Or hit on it ourselves, though true to our lower natures commercial companies would want to take over and make a lot of lucre out of it. Usurers! If only we could get rid of that sort of pointlessness! Unless we use them to our ends.

Imagination surely has played a bigger part in our evolution than many  would claim. Without it we would have got nowhere. Unfortunately some people have turned nightmares into reality too.

But if we follow our dreams enough they may turn into reality!





I like writing. Pure and simple. I find it an entertaining and interesting thing to do. I suspect it is one of my stronger suits in life.So if that is my task for today I am generally content.

Obviously in marketing there a very wide range of activities we must undertake to get a business to live and even more to get it to thrive. I am somewhere between getting mine to live and getting it to thrive.

I have thoughts of the Chinese Bamboo tree. I must water and water the area I planted the seeds in for an eternity and then boom! in the last bit my bamboo will thrust up at amazing speed into the sky. and people, including myself,will stop thinking me crazy. What a joke! The bamboo tree is in this instance my business. keeping going is the tough bit.

At present I am putting together my free plus shipping product for the Customer Acquisition Bootcamp. It seems stange to be producing something which the wider world may see. The product will be on a usb stick and delivered to peoples ‘ doors. Wow! I do not know quite what to say. It ewill not be the frist product I have made though as I do have a weightloss product in another business. But that needs finishing too. A few more heads and pairs of arms might do the trick.

In reality outsourcing would be a good idea where required and I shall look closer at it as a way forward. It is a matter of taking the plunge and deciding what to outsource,what to keep. The 80-20 rule( pareto principle) determines that we get 80% of our results from 20% of our efforts. So ditching the low value tasks and concentrating on the highest value ones is necessary. But in truth affiliate marketing at this stage does require we do some of these low value tasks. Those are amongst the ones I should farm out.

I think I make an advance of sorts everyday just about.It may not be massive but on this voyage of discovery something more is learned daily,something more acted upon. Overall taking action pleases me more though I am always ready to learn something. Having an academic background ensures that. I will never stop learning until I am too gaga to understand a word!

Among the tasks I will keep will be writing and videoing as well as funnel creationand all the fun things. The things which will go will be minutiae, techy things and possibly capturing traffic. Or probably!

Anyway I seem to have rambled a lot. In keeping generally with the time of year,concentration on one task alone is not that simple. Anyway I shall be back in the not distant future. Be well.

For a free product please go to



HI there,

I hope you are well. Much in the same vein as I took the ‘Quick Start Challenge’ a couple of months ago, I have been doing the ‘Customer Acquisition Bootcamp’ these past few weeks. I am now about half way through. This is basically beta testing a new course being put out by Dean Holland about creating Free plus Shipping offers, and in the process of this I am being shown how to create my first one.

So to start with we were asked to come up with the person who would constitute our ideal customer. This is called an ‘Avatar’. I had two, one of whom I defined in very detailed lines- a University lecturer, looking for additional income to give her and her son a better lifestyle.

The other was for a slightly less defined couple who wanted to escape the lives of ‘quiet desperation’ they are forced to live out in dull dead end work on  middle management salaries, and have more time to actually enjoy being on this earth.

In the following week we had to come up with a number of ideas of what would constitute a good free product which could be shipped as a physical product to someone’s door. So among my ideas was a product which sets out on videos the first steps you must take to begin business in affiliate marketing. This I think is quite a popular idea for a Free plus shipping deal as it gives the basics to taking off.

Indeed I have a number of posts on my educational site exactly about this, https://marketingwithmikeram.co and may well use materials from there to construct this product. None of it is rocket science and really it is a case of explaining it in a beginner friendly way, and giving a resource or two with it.

Another idea is for a short course about setting a blog. Again not rocket science but nonetheless very appropriate. I had a couple of ideas in motivational psychology adapted for marketing and personal developement  and  staying healthy while being an entrepreneur, both very interesting fields of study and application. These are all possible ideas for a free plus shipping. One day I would like to try the book idea also but I suspect that is a bit of time away yet. Though I have seen how Frank Kern goes about developing an idea for one and it seems pretty feasible to me.(The guy knows clever shortcuts)

So this week on Customer Acquisition Bootcamp we learnt the steps towards creating the marketing of the Free product which is the most essential part to get good at if one is to actually spread the good word. Having a good product is non-negotiable, but getting the marketing good also is no less important. So I have to create  the marketing material for it over the next couple of days which will be fun. I shall do a short video and sales letter which can be compressed into a good advertisement.

This can be summarised as ‘The Eight Step Formula’. Firstly the ‘Who’. Who am I? Simple enough to answer unless I am in one of those philosophical enquiry modes. Enough said!

So ‘What’ is it I am offering? Well as stated above, in this instance one of the four ideas I put out.I introduce the product in an attractive way.

Thirdly ‘Why’ am I offering this? This is a simple enough question to answer though I cannot take too long about it.Basically this question is about why would someone want this product-ie what pain point am I addressing?

The fourth point of this formula is to state ‘How’ does the subscriber get this product-a very easy straightforward deal whereby the product is a free one but the customer pays for the ‘shipping’.Simple as that.This is where I would get their address and card details so I could deliver the promised product to them asap.

The next step you need to tell them is why you are being so generous.And be honest about it.You want them to buy from you afterwards. Simple. Then you have say why you want them to do it fairly quickly. There are only a limited number there for delivery.

The next detail is to give them a guarantee on the offer. This is optional.But as the price of shipping is as much as couple of coffees it is unlikely to be operated on. And finally you recap what you are giving them, and why it is a dead cert brilliant deal. And that is it.

On the face of it this seems fairly straightforward, but in reality I shall have to do it first. In any casein feels a bit like being let off the leash bit to express my marketing self in a way directed towards getting success which is tangible and measurable. Exciting!

This is what I have been doing of late and moving ahead in my business. And meanwhile the Nobel peace Prize has been awarded to the ‘International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons’. Well done to them. Make Love Not War! We cannot do this sort of business if we have been fried!

For a Free Product already in existence, by Dean Holland, please go to https://mikeram.clickfunnels.com/optingx65g1dk



Hello again,

I realise that working in Affiliate Marketing requires that fairly often I have to go above and beyond my skill set in order to accomplish another task I realise I have in my way. So I learn to do something else new, i discover a new tool I have to learn,or even a new way of thinking I need to be aware of.

Sometimes it even quite a lot of effort to discover how to do something I need to accomplish or even what needs accomplishing.The journey after all has to go on.

Now I’ve been travelling enough to know that one has to be equal to whatever life throws up,or in this case one’s marketing journey.

I have tightened up on other skills I had before too and whatever the journey requires I am up to. and it’s good to increase one’s range of capability in some way. What yesterday was inconceivable, tomorrow becomes default functioning.

And not only do I have to acquire more resources but I have to become more resourceful, the true all rounder as it were. Often my resourcefulness involves sheer stamina, the resource of just keeping going and being happy to do so. Or being able to look at the journey in new way. I have to survive being swallowed whole by this marketing gig and surviving to tell the tale. In an obvious way it runs me even though I am in charge at all points.

But I am encouraged by the possibility of the prizes which lie ahead. Abundance and wealth beyond what I can lay my hands on now, for sure.The ‘why’ is the important driver in all of this. Were it not I would be better off concentrating for now on painting pictures which is great fun.

I am aware though of my shortcomings as well as the overwhelm I can be prone to if I consider everything I have to do. And above all in order to do well I am informed that I have to simply impress the market. So it goes on,deeper and deeper into the scheme. Okay, so what next?

Haha! Maybe I should get a witchdoctor to help me get subscribers. or learn better language patterns. Of course it is default for me to consider the more complex approaches, being as I am a fairly complex being. After all, how many hours a day will this business require me to work  to make headway with some of the tasks if I am to make a success of it?

But if it is 20% of the work which will get me 80% of the results  then where am I losing sleep if I do not bother with certain tasks? I’m not if I know what they are. And maybe it’s only 10% of the work,fully focused of course, which will get me 90% of the results.

I am back to delegation/outsourcing as a solution, maybe the only one. It will have to be on a minimal budget though.

So to move on a couple of notches, you can imagine perhaps my surprise and amazement when in the midst of this morass of complexity and wondering how to organise it all, I listen to the following ideas of marketing giant Frank Kern.


He was talking to a friend of his who was discussing horse riding and telling of how he remembered seeing someone with a $1k saddle trying to ride a $10 horse, and saying there was no way that $10 horse was going to be any use at all no matter what sort of saddle you put on it. A $10 horse is after all just a $10 horse. The fancy saddle was not going to achieve a thing.Except make the person look like a fool. And Frank Kern reckoned that marketing is a lot like horse riding. You gotta get a good horse and that’s really the whole of it.

Now in marketing terms the horse is your offer, the transport from A to B. Now you can have a great appearance, fine copywriting skills, a whole host of gismos and tools, a carefully modulated speaking manner using hypnotic language patterns and no matter what fine courses behind you, a special camera to shoot videos etc, but if your offer is like the $ 10 horse then all that ain’t worth a dime and you will bomb.

Having a good offer is like  having a great horse which knows what to do and obeys your commands. And that is the only thing which will get you what you desire.

He goes on to talk about what constitutes a good offer. The example he uses is of crazy tough mudder entrants doing the long course and testing themselves out to maximum so that they arrive at the end completely exhausted and thirsty. In that state will easliy accept your offer of a wholesome drink for them. All you have to ask is  ‘Are you thirsty? well I have just the thing…!’ Product sold. Your thirst quenching body reviving drink!

Aced it!

For someone like me this is truly a lightbulb moment. I have been told so often to keep it simple, or not to overthink things. And that is really how it is. Or as Jay Abrahams says, ‘The best way to sell a horse is to put up a ‘For sale’ notice!’ Blinding! I am in awe!

For the Free =Shipping offer ‘The Perfect Offer’ please hit the url below and move ahead in the process. It’s win-win deal. Or a long cool drink on a very hot day!